heck yeah! it’s a school day!

Man. I love Wednesdays! The girls both go to school and for a few glorious hours it’s just me and the Man. I get work done on the computer, something that doesn’t happen much at all on Monday or Tuesday. It’s 7am and we’re leaving in 15 minutes. Love it.

Emily… I finished your photos! Here are just a few more to show you (and if you can believe there will still be some you haven’t seen on your disk!)…









I’ve posted this last one before, but he’s just too cute! If you click on this photo to enlarge it you can see me taking his photo in his beautiful eyes. I love details like that in photos. The hidden details.

So Barnette and Kriedler you are up next, and both will be done by the weekend when I have another wedding on Saturday and a family shoot on Sunday. Also trying to finish up the wedding album for Vikki and John. And working on a bunch of business design stuff. And am picking up my first COMPLETE hand-made Christmas gift for the girls and Samantha! Will share that later today maybe. Lots going on. It’s my busy season and I’m loving it!

Halleluia Wednesday! Hoorah for school! And we’re off!

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