Hola. Mi Llama Jodie.

Is that right? I always sucked at Spanish.

So this is me. From a week or so ago. With the uncooperative, looking-away-from-the-camera, GrayMan. I was going through our summer photos and I think I was in about 10. Total. And that includes me GIVING BIRTH in June! It’s insane. And sad. It makes me really really sad. These kids will have a million photos of their childhood, but they won’t know they had a mom. So I’m changing that. At least once a week I am going to take a photo, even a really bad one like the one below, so at least I’m documented as a part of this family. And maybe in 2009 I will do the "take a self portrait everyday" challenge or something b/c sheesh!

And I just love this photo… he’s  showing off this monogram. Love it.

So it’s Monday. And we’re starting this day off right! Good mojo flowing today.  Thank goodness! I needed a good Monday. Hit it.

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