my heart hurts.

Why? Because Chris had a fit this morning, wants to simplify our life and is making me PURGE.

At heart, I am a purger. I am also a collector, a scrap-booker, a memory keeper. And unfortunately those two things conflict. I have boxes in boxes of little momentos that I just can’t stand to part with. And it’s those boxes inside of boxes hidden in drawers that Chris is sick of. Which in complete honesty I don’t totally understand b/c I am very organized in my collecting. Everything has it’s own place. And most of my organizing containers are so incredibly cute, like old mason jars or wood boxes. Not much plastic. But he hates my containers too. He tells people they need a tetanus shots to come in our home. Whatever.

BUT, in some aspects I agree with him so I said we could do it. We could HAVE A YARD SALE.

It’s been hard today, going through things and purging. Taking mini trips down memory lane as I throw out some secretly pack away others and sell the rest. And at one point I had to call my friend near tears and nauseous as I was packing up ALL MY SCRAPBOOK supplies to sell. ALL OF IT. Ugh. That was hard. I LOVE my supplies and have so much! But Chris promised that when I have more time and we have more money and I get back into scrapping I can buy more things. All I can say is thank goodness for digital scrap-booking!


Anyway, so now the kids are all sleeping and Chris is at a soccer game and I had a moment to take a break I think it’s a good thing. My word for this year was simplify (click on the photo to read the text if you want) so this is right on target. The best things are always hard aren’t they? Like keeping a good marriage, giving birth, purging.

If you have nothing going on NEXT SATURDAY OCTOBER 4th then come over to Glendale and shop all of our old crap! It’s good crap. Most of it at least. I am actually going to post a list (possibly with photos) of the best stuff on here this week! OH! And our good friends the MacBrydes are cleaning out their house this week also and will be here selling their crap too! Lots of chairs (I randomly have an obsession with chairs), baby stuff, scrapbook/craft supplies, decorations, holiday items, and whole porch full of other random stuff! Fun times.

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