my muse.

I love Grayson.

I mean duh. He’s my kid, my baby, my own flesh and blood, so yes, I love him. However, even in the midst of days when he won’t let me put him down and cries every single time I do I still love him.

So today was one of those not-so-great baby days. I feel like maybe he’s teething already as he’s super fussy for no reason, chewing on his fist constantly and drooling up a storm. But who knows. Anyway, the only time he would let me happily put me down was when I was directly over him talking and cooing at him. It got old quick. SO what did I do to pass the time today? Not work if that what you think! Nope, he wouldn’t let me barely open the computer. What I did get to do was take some photos of the little guy!

Which I guess means my day wasn’t all bad!


I love the shape of his eyes when he smiles!

he’s started playing with his toys! i can’t believe he’s this big already!


i love how the "3" from his toy is right there… my little number three!

OH YES! We got the kid’s costumes in the mail the other day! Two little monkeys and a big banana! He’s so freaking cute and the girls kept saying, "I eat Grayson, yum yum yum!"



And then as I was trying to think of other things to photograph I realized I never took a photo of him in his baptism outfit! So I threw it on him and took him into the yard to lay on a quilt. I love his little tongue poking through on that photo!

you know me and those baby toes!



I LOVE that I caught this expression! This is him talking seriously with me! Sometimes in the midst of the coos and smiles he gets all serious and starts really babbling, like he’s really trying hard to tell me something! Too cute!

SO. The day didn’t go as planned which means a late night for me, but it’s ok you know? It’s ok. We had a great dinner thanks to my mom, the girls had a great day at her house and school, Chris got to go to bed relatively early, I got a few work-related items done and I got to take a bunch of photos of my son. A decent day overall. AND tomorrow we get to hit the yard sales as a family, C has a game, I have a wedding to shoot, the girls will be at my in-laws and Gray will be with my mom. It’s a busy one tomorrow but I feel it’s going to be great!

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