That was me the second I woke up and realized the day has finally come! GREY’S ANATOMY SEASON PREMIERE! Heck Yeah! Whew. I’m excited. And Chris is under strict orders that unless Grayson is not breathing he is to leave me ALONE! Two hours. To myself. Well me and McDreamy and Meredith and George and everyone. Oh man. Oh, and did I mention that DVR was installed just now? Because seriously, The Office and Grey’s and a million other shows are now on at the same time! Anyway.

Moving on!

I got two invites done yesterday and today. I love marking things off my TODOLIST!



Now if the Grayman will sleep I am moving onto editing. And album design. And a few other bits and pieces.

If you signed up for a Halloween mini (these are full!) check your inbox today for more info… and if you signed up for the Soulard mini’s (I have 2 slots left at 4pm and 4:30pm) check tonight b/c yours will be coming soon!

Oh, and we got the kids costumes in the mail yesterday! Can’t wait to take photos and share them!!!

Gray and I are bouncing to "I’d Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin today (it’s not on YouTube that I can find but it’s HERE if you want to check it out!)

A big mountain dew is in my horizon which means this poopin fool and I need to get dressed and get movin! Happy Grey’s Day!

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