sixteen hours and going strong.

I’ve been awake and working non-stop since 6am. An insanely long day, but surprisingly a good one!  Hit the grocery store for some much needed food with the kids. Had a fun visit with my BFF Jessica who ended up taking Parker on two errands with her which was a great break from the instigator. I’ve gotten 14 loads of laundry washed+dried+put away in the last two days. Awesome. Not much work-work done, but the kids are clean, the house is clean, the clothes are clean and there is food in the pantry. All in all it’s been a good two days.

And now I’m kicking it in high gear on Jodified. Just finished an invite for KCCI (will post when approved) and am currently working on Vikki and John’s wedding album. I also got Emily’s photos done last night before I passed out at 1am on the couch. Hoping I can hit the hay earlier tonight.

Will post more interesting things tomorrow!

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