and her body said stop.

I jokingly told Chris last week that I was going to get sick soon. He asked how I could purposely make myself sick and I told him it wouldn't be on purpose, I just knew my body was hitting it's limit.

I've been pushing myself non-stop for a long time. I could say since Grayson was born in June, or when I started my business last August, or when I was 7 months pregnant with Parker and renovating our house or when I was working+coaching college lacrosse+pregnant with Bailey. I've been going for a long time. And I knew my body was tired.

So yesterday I didn't have my normal morning Mnt. Dew and by 2pm my head hurt so badly I broke down and called Imo's. And by 6pm my head hurt so bad I could barely eat dinner or read books to Bailey at bedtime. And by 7pm as I was feeding Grayson on the couch my head hurt so bad that I could see noises and hear light. I officially was getting a migraine which I confirmed when I stood up and the pain was so intense I almost threw up.

By 7:30pm I was in bed, still feeding Grayson, with all the lights off and the door closed trying not to freak out that his sucking noises were like a jack hammer in my brain. The next thing I knew, it was midnight and I woke up to a hungry baby. Woke. Up.

Aside from a few feedings, I slept for over 10 hours. Which is sometimes how much sleep I get in a week. And this morning I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I needed that. I desperately needed that. And I wouldn't have ever given it to myself without my body literally screaming at me to lay down and sleep.

Thank you body.

And although I still feel tired today I also feel light and rested and good. I don't wake up after 3 hours of sleep feeling good usually.

The bad part? I got no work done last night. But luckily I have amazing clients who understand my place in life and will forgive me if I miss a deadline.

So this morning I have all three kids out and about for 2 hours while I work to make up for my sleep last night. And my BFF Jess is sitting here next to me at Bread Co. And the fountain Mnt. Dew machine is just a few feet away. And my life is so great this morning.

Thank you body.

I needed that.

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