five. wowza.

Do you know what FIVE 32oz fountain mnt dews in one day mean?

They mean that I got FOUR photo shoots COMPLETELY DONE! IN ONE DAY! You have no idea what kind of accomplishment that is! Especially considering I had two shoots today (if I count the race this morning as my own inflicted shoot!)! Neihaus, Beachy, Soulard and Halloween=D.O.N.E.

Nicole you will be done tomorrow with your long overdue wedding photos!

Darrell you will be done by Tuesday!

Mohr, I bet you'll be done by the end of the week!

Do you know what else 5 dews mean? A very spazzed-out-crazy-hyper-over-tired baby. It's 11:15pm and he just fell asleep. Finally.

So did I mention that I finished FOUR shoots WITH that tired baby being passed from me to Daddy all night?

Oh yeah. I'm a rock star.

A very spazzed-out-crazy-hyper-over-tired rock star.

{Halloween minis… you will have your ordering album up by tomorrow and everyone else I will have your disks burned by tomorrow night ready for pick-up or mail on Tuesday… just email me and let me know when you'll come by or if I should mail them! And I will get them all blogged this week!}

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