glendale fire house run.

Last Sunday morning we skipped church so C could sleep in a bit and I could play a bit with my camera and photograph the Glendale Fire House Run.  I use my camera so much in the fall to work with my clients that I forget how much fun it is to go to something like this, play with my setting+angles and capture a story.  Here are a few pics I got…

20081026_0017 copy

20081026_0036 copy
While I was out shooting I ran into the Kriedlers who were actually going to RUN the five miles! Since they are clients and since their son flicked off my camera at the Halloween mini shoot and since they have the sweetest daughter in the world I told them I would take "before" and "after" shots for them!
20081026_0107 copy
The starting line…
20081026_0122 copy
20081026_0139 copy
20081026_0272 copy
I love that Paul is giving this little girl a high five at the finish line! So cute!
20081026_0302 copy
Amy is a serious stud!
20081026_0313 copy
Ok seriously? Don't they look just as good at the end as they did at the start?

I have lots more but you get the gist. I had a great time just shooting for the sake of shooting. And moving targets are great practice for all those 2 year olds out there!

Oh! And are you dying to see the bird photo?  Here you go!

Kriedler05 copy

Do you think he was excited to be able to ROAR or was sick of me and my camera? The jury's still out.

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