have i mentioned how much i love autumn?

doesn't everyone love fall? if you don't love this season with the beautiful colors, the spicy smells, the warm days and cool evenings then there must be something wrong with you! this afternoon grayson was really fussy (he finished his antibiotics but is still sick the poor guy) so I popped him in the sling, grabbed my camera and went for a walk. the weather was so incredible and i'd been cooped up working for a while so it was really nice to get out for a few minutes…

20081030_0139 copy
20081030_0153 copy
i was trying desperately to take a photo and both Grayson and I but with my 50mm lens it was impossible, so I got a ton of photos like this one. Oh well, I'm chalking this up to my October self portrait!
20081030_0156 copy
the best I could get of Gray!
20081030_0158 copy
20081030_0160 copy
20081030_0170 copy
20081030_0172 copy
20081030_0111 copy
He is such a cutie these days!
20081030_0131 copy
one corner of our porch… i really love pumpkins and am going to be really sad when I have to throw them away!
20081030_0130 copy
Is this not the cutest? I got the idea from HERE and my friend Angie and I made these for the girl's classmates. The sweetest little pumpkins! Bailey will deliver hers tomorrow at her Halloween parade and I will take Parker to Doodlebuggs just to drop hers off. Her little school has been counting candy corn all week so this will be a treat for them! It was super easy too… we took about an 8in square of orange organza, filled it with candy corn and wrapped a clear baby hairband around it. Angie did that part. Then I took them, cut out felt leaves, attached them with a pipe cleaner and WALLA! A pumpkin! Thanks for the idea Christian!

Tomorrow we have lots of Halloween things to do like deliver our treat bags, bake cupcakes, do an art project, etc. Very little work will get done on my end but I am guaranteed to have an amazing day with my kids!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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