holiday hulabaloo.

I am co-hosting an open house THIS Sunday at my mother-in-law's house! There are TEN vendors coming including some great home party businesses like Arbonne, Usborne Books, Discovery Toys and The Pampered Chef, as well as some amazing artists like the famous Donna who creates the Mental Blocks (my failed attempt at an Etsy store) and others who are selling everything from purses to jewelry to key fobs to baby clothes. It is going to be a GREAT time! So invite your mom and your best friend and your neighbor and come into Kirkwood for some early Christmas shopping!

And just to entice you, here is a sneak peek at how BEAUTIFUL my MIL's house is… yet another reason you should come to the show!

(taken in August… now it's decorated for fall instead of the 4th of July!)
20080831_0709 copy
Her and I both are obsessed with "A"s… I don't have as many as her though or as many cute ones! T… if there is one missing after this weekend don't blame me! :)

So those are just a few details that should make you want to see more of her amazing home!

AND if you are a client I will have some of my favorite photos blown up BIG, or at least semi-big. Like this one:

20081022_0005 copy copy

And a few others. And then I will have some prints for sale of Kirkwood scenes, like this one:

20081027_0014 copy
Only b/c I know Kirkwood people love all-things Kirkwood. And if they don't sell, no big deal, it just means someone is getting crappy unsold prints for Christmas!

I'll also be selling something I created with this…


and this…

20081028_0005 copy

Have I tempted you to come yet?

Here is the invite for more information… click on it if you need to see it bigger…

Holiday hulabaloo

Seriously. Are you coming?

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