Holy Cow Sunday.

This has been a busy day at the Allen house. Man. The girls had a sleep over at my parent's house and then went to church. I felt the need to shoot some moving objects (great practice for shooting toddlers!) so I went to the Glendale Fire House Run and got some GREAT shots (will share tomorrow)! I even saw two of my clients, the Kriedlers who were studs and ran the 5 mile and Eric Schmitt who is running for state Senate right now (love him!). Anyway, so I spent the early morning at the run while Gray and C slept+played. Then we got the girls, had lunch, kids napped, I worked… then we went to my parents for the Kuhn Const. Halloween party (photos tomorrow). I had to leave after just 15 minutes (I was SO sad to leave the fun!) to head to a great shoot down in Lafayette Square. Cute little Jillian couldn't have smiled more! Again, photos tomorrow!

SO. It's been a full day. And have you ever been so far past exhausted that your body is going but your mind is in a constant fog? My eyes burn, my head hurts and my limbs feel like they are filled with lead. That's what I get for working until at least 1am all week, nursing in the night and getting up at 5-6am with the kids. It's been a long week. But good. Life can't be bad when the weather is this beautiful!

I have to share this cool application I found online… unfortunately it's ONLY for MAC users right now but I think they're working to get it to you PCers. Go HERE and look at what you can do with your photos…

How stinkin' cool is that? If you have a MAC go there and download the PolaDroid application! It's AWESOME! You can make polaroids on your computer and print them out, cut them and it looks just like the real thing! It does the cool processing and everything… I didn't change these photos from my originals at all, it does it for you to look authentic! I'm in love! I might just do some for my clients! Watch your next disk for a random polaroid! :)

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