i heart amy beachy

Oh my gosh. Aren't there just some people out there that you just want to BE? Amy Beachy is that person for me!

She is not only completely gorgeous, she always looks adorable, she cooks, she has a great house (and a husband that can BUILD things!), her kids are always well behaved and nice, she loves the Lord and is so giving.

SO yeah. I would love to be more like that!

This morning when she stopped by to pick up her disk of photos she brought me not only some amazing hand-me-downs (including the cutest red Aster shoes for bailey… I'll have to photograph them b/c they are adorable!) but she baked homemade bread and apple butter! We've all already tasted the bread (SO good!) and parker has been walking around in the shoes (I keep telling her they will fit her someday!). So THANK YOU Amy!

And of course it's always the person that looks good all the time that comes over when you haven't even brushed your teeth yet, you're just wearing a nursing tank and there is snot and spit-up all over you! :)

Here are a few from their session…

Thanks again Amy!

TODAY: The girls have run away with Grandma for the day… just in time before I lost it this morning. Gray is on his second nap which makes sense since he was up all night! Chicken is cooking in the oven b/c I was craving a home cooked smell on this cold day. Chili is on for tonight, one of C's favorite meals, and pumpkin carving is the plan! So excited. I have lots to do today, as always, and WITHOUT a Mnt. Dew in my hand. That means my head is a bit fuzzy and I'm moving a tad slower than usual but if it means sweeter dreams for the Grayman I'm willing to sacrifice. Although if by 3pm you see the Imo's man walking to my door with 2 sodas don't judge me.

Make today worth it!

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