it must be a sin to be this happy.

Oh my. My first day with NO children for a glorious three hours!

Bailey is at school, Parker is at school and Grayson is at "Grandma School" and Bails and I are calling it! It took me over an hour to drop everyone off at their respective places but now, here I sit, in Bread Co (Panera) with a bagel and a BUCKET of Mnt Dew and THREE SOLID HOURS to myself!

Oh Lord you are good. You knew I needed this after 3.5 months of having constant babies hanging on me.

So. I’m not going to waste one second! My fingers are flying on this keyboard like no one’s business! I have 50 hours of work to squeeze into 3 so here I go!

I have a shoot to post, 3 shoots to edit, a wedding album to SEND TO THE PRINTERS (yep Vikki, finally done!), a book to create for KCCI, a gazillion emails to answer (sorry to anyone that emails me this month, I’m a week behind already on emails!) and maybe a blog or two to read (my google reader tells me there are 384 unread blogs! and i only subscribe to about 40!).

Blogging will be at a minimum this month as I’ve got shoots and design work galore!

Hello school day. Thank you.

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