my third wedding.

When I decided to start my photography business I swore I would never do weddings. They are scary to me. If you miss a shot you miss it. There are no do-overs. You have but a few seconds to get the great shot and you have to think on your toes to be creative with the posing.

Plus I just really like shooting kids and babies and families.

But somehow in the last year I have had three weddings fall in my lap. And somehow I've loved each and every one of them! I've loved the brides and the dresses and the families and the details and the love. Being around new love is the absolute best feeling!

So this wedding came to me in the most dramatic fashion. Laura and Donnie hired a wedding photographer and then about a month before the wedding the guy disappeared. Website, gone. Phone numbers, disconnected. Email, not working. Can you imagine?

Luckily I have photographed Laura's sister before, they called me, I rearranged a couple of shoots and was able to be their stand-in photographer!

L & D…I know I'm not the professional wedding photographer you hired, but I hope you are happy with the images we got today! Here is your sneak peek!!!

Of course I asked if they wanted to JUMP and they all said yes! If you look closely to the very left of the photo you'll see Bar Louie… it's where they met and we actually went inside and took photos at the bar!

I loved her shoes… but her feet hated them! By the end of the ceremony she was in some serious pain! But man they are cute! Especially on top of this mailbox! :)
this is Steven… he is Laura's nephew and the love of her life! Next to Donnie of course! :)

This day couldn't have been more beautiful! Did you see the sky? I didn't do anything to it, it really was that gorgeous today!

Thanks for trusting me with your special day! Laura, you looked so beautiful (or gorgeous, as Bailey said!)! I hope you enjoy your honeymoon and I will have these all done as soon as I can!


I am obsessed with that photo of Elliot on my new banner! I want it as a canvas wrap in my house and he's not even my kid! If I had a studio you'd better believe it'd be in there!

TODAY: Just spent 2 hours at Bread Co. kicking some serious tail on edits. People, watch your inbox for emails saying "they're DONE!" So exciting! In 2 more hours I have a wedding to shoot… will tell you this crazy story maybe tonight/tomorrow with their sneak peeks. Trust me, it's crazy. The girls are being kidnapped by my parents for the night so C just has this little jabbering man in my lap for the afternoon while I'm working. Thanks Grandma and PawPaw! I am considering to attempt to roast a whole chicken tonight for dinner post-wedding. We'll see where my energy is. It'll probably be at the Imo's level but we'll see. Tomorrow I have a secret mission, I think C and I are going to watch some of the Glendale Fire House Run, I have a Halloween party and a shoot down in Lafayette.

Slow down a bit October! I blinked and you're almost over.

nursing and blogging

blogging and nursing.

i'm talented like that.

mohr sneak peek coming atcha…

I'm loving finding words + numbers that mean something to the family I'm shooting… this only happens in awesome urban areas which is just another reason I love shooting in places like this!

Hello SON.

And Hello you big TWO year old!

nananananananana batman! (think theme song…)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! A flying Batman! Love it. How are your arms today Russ?

Thanks for a fun evening Katie+Russ+Elliot! You are going to love your photos!

Grayson is now happily in the exersaucer after a major blowout which should make you happy that blogs aren't actual windows into our lives! The girls are with GoGo (my MIL) on this rainy day. My car is getting FOUR stinkin new tires and an oil change today so G and I are going to work+clean+laundry+cuddle+play all day. And we might just stay in our jammies. And that just might make me really really happy.

Waiting patiently for it to be the appropriate hour to call Imo's for my crack fix and then my body will be ready to get this day really going!

long overdue

Last fall I had a senior shoot and days later when I went to start
editing I couldn't find the photos. Anywhere. It was crazy and I felt

Luckily, his mom is the most understanding person ever and scheduled a
re-shoot. I had the flu. So we rescheduled for the spring. I think it
rained. Twice. Then I had Grayson and so I finally was able to do the
re-shoot a couple of weeks ago! A YEAR LATER. He's in college now!

Thanks for your serious patience Dawn! Here is your sneak peek… will be done soon I hope!


I love how hard Mark is laughing here! So natural! I just wish I could remember what was so funny!

haha hehe hoho

I just have to keep laughing or I would burst into tears.

I had a great shoot tonight on Washington St. downtown. LOVE that the Mohr family was up for being creative and urban! I have to admit that I was tired and not my usual bounce-off-the-wall-get-kids-to-smile-self, but Elliot was adorable, especially in his Bat Man costume, and I can't wait to get them all off my camera later tonight! So after shooting for a couple of hours I got in the car to hurry home to my hungry baby and tired girls. I was a couple of miles away from the shoot when at a red light my gas light came on. As I was wondering where in the world the nearest gas station was a car pulled up next to me and the woman in the passenger seat motioned for me to roll down my window.

"Did you know you have a flat tire?"

Um. No.

So in the not-so-nice part of downtown I have a flat tire. Seriously. WTFreakingfreakerfreakness?

It's just been that kind of day. Or week. And I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!

And while I wait for the clock to strike midnight and today to be officially over, I will share some photos of my beautiful friend and her beautiful girls.


Aren't they so cute? The best part of my job is being able to get shots like these for friends and family.

Again, thanks to everyone who is showing me extreme patience while waiting for photos… I am working as hard and as fast as I can! This one woman show is just running on fumes and apparently driving on a flat!

serenity NOW.

Now. Serenity.

Here I sit, with a new Mnt Dew (oh yes, I drink them all day. how else could i survive on 3 hours of sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? And Trish, I know it's strange but it's how I survive! Give me a break!), a box of Golden Grahams and my shows DVRed. Nice. And quiet. Gray just fell asleep and C is in the other room working.


Three things tonight.

1. Thanks thanks thanks to my mom who rescued me today by dropping off and picking up the kid's prescriptions and taking the girls home for a while to feed them dinner, bringing them home fed and ready for bed. The title of my life right now could be "rescued by super mom!" Thanks mom.

2. When we got home from the doctor I gave the girls lunch (Happy Meals) and hurried to sit down to feed Grayson. Just as I sat down Bailey said she had to go potty so I told her to go ahead and go (she knows to ask to get up from the table which has been a huge victory in table manners here!). She was in there a moment and started crying really hard. I asked what was wrong and got no answer. I asked again and got no answer. Grayson was eating or I would have run in there. The crying stopped after just a minute and when I asked a third time she said "nothing." It was such an adult response it surprised me and I got up wondering how seconds after crying fairly hard everything was fine and "nothing was wrong." I peeked in and asked again what happened and she said "nothing" so I dropped it b/c she did appear fine and went back to feeding Grayson. When she was done she came out asking me to help her button her jeans and I noticed she was soaking wet. I asked if she'd had an accident, she said yes, I proceeded to tell her why I hate accidents and why they're so bad. I went on and on. And just now, sitting in peace for the first time today that moment today struck me and brought me to tears. She was crying b/c she was embarrassed and knew I would be mad. She told me nothing was wrong b/c she didn't want to get in trouble. I feel awful. It's not her fault that she told me at the doctor's she had to go potty and I forgot in the midst of utter chaos. It's not her fault that she held it for over an hour and then just seconds before sitting down she couldn't hold it anymore. But it is my fault that I am so hard on her. And expect perfection from her. And need her to be my big girl b/c I just can't have any more babies around me all day. And that breaks my heart and will cause me to go lay with her for a while tonight just cuddling her in her sleep. And it will hopefully force me to slow down and be less hard on her. And it will remind me that an accident is just that, an ACCIDENT, that she didn't do it just to piss me off. Why is motherhood so freaking hard all the time?

3. I want to share the Hammerschmidt photos with you since all I've done the last few days is TALK endlessly on here!

I met this family last fall when I photographed them as a surprise for their mom. I guess their mom loved the gift b/c she came with them this year! I am so blessed to have so many returning clients this year. I love seeing how much the kids have grown and catching up with the moms. This shoot was great though b/c I didn't get to catch up with just one family, I got to catch up with three and meet the parents! Thanks for calling me again Heather… your kids get cuter every year!

20081005_0150 copy20081005_0167bw copy20081005_0188 copy20081005_0252bw copy20081005_0330bw copy20081005_0359 copy

20081005_0392 copy
20081005_0489 copy
20081005_0495 copyThanks again Heather and family! It was so great to see you all again!

4. I know I said 3 things, sue me. I wanted to share this cute little card I did for my friend Angie (or Miss Angie as the girls call her b/c she's Parker's AMAZING teacher!)…

Higginbotham halloween card

Isn't that cute? I wish I had the energy to do Halloween cards of my own kids!

5. Thanks for all the comments today! It totally helped put that crazy morning into perspective. There are so many amazing things about blogging and I found this great post all about blogging from Fern's blog tonight… go HERE. Seriously. GO HERE.

serenity now.

When we are having one of those moments when the kids are all running around and yelling, the baby is crying, the phone is ringing and the mac n' cheese is boiling over on the stove Chris always looks to the sky and says, "serenity now."  It always makes us laugh which keeps him from losing his mind and me from crying.

I said it over and over to myself today but I think you need that someone to laugh it off with to really make it work.

Let me set the scene.

Doctors office. Crowded. Sneezing snotty kids everywhere. Me trying desperately to keep Grayson asleep in the car seat while not letting any other sick kid come near him. Me also trying to entertain Bailey and Parker with songs and finger play games so they will sit on the couch and not touch anything.

Ten minute of this and I start to go crazy. THIRTY minutes and I'm about to scream my new favorite phrase (WTF). SO thirty minutes of sitting and Parker was going nuts, climbing all over this couch, all over me, all over Bailey. UNTIL. Until she got up on the couch, lost her balance and fell head first onto the side table. I heard her face hit so I knew it was bad but didn't know just how bad until I saw the look on the mom's face who could see Parker's face (as I was behind her). I yanked her up and blood was EVERYWHERE. F-ing everywhere. She had split her face open. Literally.

Mom's are yelling at the receptionists to help, Grayson is screaming, Parker is screaming, I'm near frozen and Bailey is staring completely terrified.

So I rush Parker back into the office with two receptionists following me carrying Grayson, the car seat, the diaper bag and pulling Bailey by the hand, silent tears running down her face. They put me in a room where the nurse comes in and has me hold gauze on the cut to stop the bleeding. She then sits down and proceeds to ask why we're here.


SO I tell her very calmly and loudly as I have to talk over Parker and Grayson who are both still screaming that we're there for the girls to get the flu vaccine and b/c Parker and Grayson are sick. She leaves me sitting and takes Grayson out to weigh him. When she gets back she stands there holding Gray trying to calm him down for TEN minutes until the doctor walked in.


The doctor is completely surprised at the blood and asks what happened (which means no one thought it was a good idea to interrupt her from the snot nosed kid next door to come take care of the bleeding one). We tell her, she looks at it, says it needs stitches and proceeds to check Grayson's ears/nose/throat.


He has an ear infection. She moves onto Parker and tries to check her ears/throat/nose but with my hand on her face, the gauze, the blood and the screaming I still swear she saw nothing and figures it's the same as Gray b/c she just said, "looks like a sinus infection" and proscribed the same medicine. She then tells me she'll be right back to deal with the cut.


For fifteen minutes (FIFTEEN MINUTES) I held Grayson on one knee and Parker on the other and sang "He's Got The Whole World in His Hands" at the top of my lungs. For fifteen minutes.

Then she comes back and says that she probably needs stitches but I'll have to go to the ER. I asked if there was anything she could do right then b/c I had no idea how to take all three kids to the ER by myself and she said steri-strips would be ok it just might leave a bit more of a scar. Fine. Whatever. Just do it.

Two steri-strips, a couple of flu vaccines and three screaming kids later it was time to go. My dad got there in time to help the girls pick out their stickers and walk me to the car (having arrived after my desperate call to my mom begging her to come help me).

I used to joke that my life could be a soap opera and sometimes I still think it could. That hour and a half would have made a great sitcom. Or something.

And I've decided I need to take up drinking. Because "serenity now" just doesn't do the trick sometimes.

Currently recovering and taking shots of Dew.

and done.

Man I have been hitting the pillow hard lately! Seconds from having head to pillow contact I am sound asleep only to stir for the hungry baby.

Tomorrow is an all-day kid-day so I'm not sure how work will play out. I kicked it in gear tonight though and got the Hammerschmidt's DONE (Heather shoot me an email and we'll meet up!) and a few design projects to the printers.

Look for Hammerschmidt photos and possibly a Halloween sneak peek tomorrow… that is, if the stars align and my kids all sleep at the same time!

Until then, good night!

my life is a series of moments.

Of course right? Everyone's life is a series of moments. Except lately my life is consumed with huge gigantic WTF moments. All day WTF is on the tip of my tongue. Or spewing out of my mouth. I try to keep the F&%$ to a simple F, but I will admit that sometimes that entire ugly word pops out too.

And what constitutes as a WTF moment to me you ask?

One was last week at 7am. I think I had about 3 hours sleep for multiple nights in a row and I woke up angry. Just mad at the world and not in the mood for whining poopy kids. Parker was saying something to me over and over and over again that I could not decipher and Bailey was asking for chips, juice and gum. Grayson needed to eat and was minutes away from screaming himself. I finally figured out that Parker was saying "cheese" and so my kids sat down at the table for a string cheese and potato chip breakfast. And as I'm putting those items on their plates I thought, "WTF kind of parent am I?"

Another one was Friday night when my sister and I ran to Kohls to find something for my fat body to fit into for the consecration the next day. It was 10pm, we were exhausted and needing to get back to the kids at my parent's house so we were rushing to check-out. The checker ran a VISA gift card that we knew had $150 on it through the machine 7 times. I swear. It might have been more. And I kept telling her it was a gift card and she kept answering me with, "debit or credit?" AHHH! So finally I just ran my debit card that I knew would cover the cost only to have it not go through. Who knows what she hit to make it not work but I freaked out, made my sister use her credit card and ran out of there as fast as I could before I screamed at that idiot, "WTF are you DOING???"

And then today, just an hour ago, I was going to put the feverish Parker to bed after I had FINALLY got the oh so sick Grayson to sleep when I realized we were out of milk. My friend Angie was bringing Bailey home from school for me so I couldn't ask her to get me any, I was not about to wake up Grayson to go, my parents are out of town, etc. So what did I do? I called Imo's Pizza. For $25 I got lunch, THREE 32oz Mnt Dews (oh yes, it's that kind of day) and a gallon of milk. And what is my mind screaming? "WTF? You can't even manage to get milk today? WTF is wrong with you?"

So you see? There are good moments in my day, like watching Bailey run onto the playground with her friends this morning or Parker playing nicely with Grayson or Grayson's amazing smiles, but there are equal number WTF moments too.

And the funny thing is, I really hate cursing. Or at least I used to. And now that my life consists of children 24-7 the words "shut-up" should be bad and the F-word shouldn't be in my vocabulary, but I find that the F-word is in my mind more now than when I was 17.


So today. It's just not going the way I planned and that's ok. My MIL couldn't watch the girls so a work day turned into a kid day. Parker and Grayson feel bad still so they are both out of sorts…Parker whinier than usual and Grayson fussy. Chris has soccer until 7pm so I have no help for the dinner/bath/bed routine which always sucks. If you are waiting for something from me, keep waiting. Sorry. I'm sure you all know by now that when you hire me you are hiring a mom of three young kids who works as much as she can and as fast as she can on no sleep. So thanks for your patience!!! If I can get back on here later I will post some photos…

WTF Monday? Keep it comin'!

sneak peeks!

I usually aim to have sneak peeks up the day of or the day after a shoot, and here I am a week later FINALLY getting to the mini sneak peeks! Sorry!

I love this photo b/c it is SO totally her! Amy you are so cute!

I love that shot of Caroline hugging her baby brother! She is going to be the best big sister! Isn't she adorable?
This is little Sam, he and his sister weren't totally into having their photos taken, but what toddlers are? :)   He'll be a lady killer someday with those big brown eyes! And those lips! So cute!

And this is little Eva… isn't she a beauty? She ran around and around and around! I LOVED her energy!
Again, these boys weren't loving me and my camera, but they were adorable nonetheless! Couldn't they be an ad for RL or something? :)

20081011_0838bwCarrie you are so beautiful! Seriously! I WISH I looked that good!


The Vossen family is one that makes my job so easy! Of course it helps that their children are in high school and sit and smile on command! :) We met them because both Alex and Colin play soccer for Chris at Webster, but we just love this family! Last year I just photographed the kids and this year I forced Mr. and Mrs. to come with them… so glad they did b/c look at how BEAUTIFUL (or gorgeous as Bailey now says!) Mrs. Vossen is! Lovely.


Alex and Colin are pretty cute too! :)


Sweet sweet Danielle booked this shoot and had their friends come along (the super cute couple above… they were so perfect together!)… I loved being able to photograph friends! What a great idea!


Love this one… you guys are SO cute! And thanks again for the Dewey's birthday treat!


Anyone that reads this blog knows this baby! He's the BOWL baby! And how freaking cute is he in this hat? Jen, I hope you LOVE this! He's adorable!


I love the way Billy is looking at him here… true love!


This is little Nora… she's adorable and (very much like Parker) is SO full of energy! I literally chased her around Soulard that day! Our shoot came to a very dramatic end though when she fell and bit her lip really bad, as in blood EVERYWHERE bad. I felt so awful! But I saw her again today at the Halloween shoot and she's all better! :)


Luckily we got some cute shots before she fell!


And I've already shown you a sneak peek of little Ellie, but she's so cute I had to show another one! Thanks Smith family! (Jeff is the culprit that stole my husband this weekend and took him to Alabama!)


And one last one of this sweet couple!

So those are the sneak peeks! The Soulard minis were a blast and a great way to spend my birthday!

Today were the Halloween minis and they were equally as great! Thanks to everyone for sharing time and being flexible! And thanks especially to my good friend Angie who was there to help with everything! I can't wait to see all the photos that are sitting comfortably in my camera still… hopefully I will have time to upload them all tomorrow. With Grayson still so sick I'm anticipating a long night of nursing, walking and soothing. So I am going to head to bed a bit earlier than usual.

ALSO… I keep meaning to mention this… I have TEN photo shoots I haven't created albums for yet here! TEN! It's ridicules but it takes a lot of time and right now time is at a premium. SO, I will work on adding them a few at a time until I'm caught up! Then you can share them with your friends and family! Sorry!

Ok, off to edit a bit and then to bed.