the jodified december special: get it while it’s hot!


On January 1, 2009 I am launching my new website!!!

This is incredibly exciting news for me b/c it means I'm legitimate. My dream last year of starting a business has come true. You have no idea what that does to my heart. Or my soul. Or my mind. That in a year and a half I have started a business that is growing and thriving faster than I can keep up (almost!) and all the while getting pregnant with our third baby in three years, having said baby and surviving being the mom to three under three! It just blows me away that I did it! With the help of lots of people of course, but in the end, I did it. My blood, sweat and (lots and lots and lots of) tears have gone into this endeavor.

So launching the website will be a huge step in this journey of Jodified.

And when I launch there will be MAJOR changes to the way I run things around here! I'm not going to reveal those changes until the launch, but I will say that one of the biggest changes of all is my pricing. I'm going to start offering prints b/c the more I hand out disks the more I worry about my art. Because these photos are my art. And I want my art out in this world in a way I approve of, which is not being printed at Walgreens, for example. There may be lots of my photos hanging on walls that I would faint over the poor quality of how they turned out and that makes me sad. So prints are my biggest change. And change is good people. Change is good.

I will still offer a disk, so don't go throw a fit, but it will cost money.

SO. Because there are so many families I have worked for or would love to work for that might not be able to afford me as easily in the coming year, I am offering a month long special. A deal. A STEAL really!



If you book a photo shoot before 1.1.09 for any future date you will LOCK IN the 2008 pricing. I don't care if the date you chose is 4.5.09 or 2.12.09 or 12.31.09 you will still get the 2008 prices. The only catch is that you have to send me a 50% deposit also before 1.1.09 to secure your date and the pricing. Oh, and the biggest bonus here is that you ALSO WILL RECEIVE A DISK FOR FREE with your shoot if you have at least a $100 print purchase! That's huge!

Please email me if you have any questions.



I don't have many slots left, but if you book a photo shoot for the month of December you will be grandfathered into my system. I'm not going to announce here what that means exactly, but basically, for ALL my clients that have hired me for a FULL photo shoot (sorry, family and friends discounts don't count!) in my first two years of business will be grandfathered in at a very special rate FOREVER. And Ever. Which means if in 10 years I'm some kind of super star photographer making the really big bucks (I can dream can't I???), YOU won't have to pay it! You're grandfathered in! This is simply to thank all of you who trusted me during my growing stages to take your photographs… it's my way of saying a big fat thank you!  But I literally only have 2-3 slots left so email me asap to get in on this deal!  ***The grandfather clause, btw, will be announced to those who qualify via an email or letter by 1.1.09 ***


So that's the 411. Pretty exciting stuff happening here as I am working on the website so it's bright and shiny and ready for it's reveal on 1.1.09!



Yesterday I received a super cute Christmas card in the mail, our first of the year, and noticed that the photos looked awfully familiar! I got such a kick out of seeing my photos on someone's Christmas card that I decided to do a giveaway!

If you had a photo shoot with me and use my photos on your Christmas card, send me one and you will be entered to win a FREE photo shoot (does not include price of prints or disk)! The card can be one I designed too, it's not a contest to see who's card is the cutest (b/c DUH! mine are the cutest!), it's just so I can see all the cute ways you're showing off your photos this season! On the day after Christmas I will close the giveaway, have the kids pick a card and announce the winner… so make sure to mail me your card in time! Email me if you need my address!


Did you catch all of that? Lots of info for late at night or early in the morning! Just email me if you're confused or have questions! And let's ring in this holiday season!

Happy December!

sneak peek x 2

The day before Turkey Day I got to shoot a great family and a beautiful senior! Two shoots in one day, especially a week day is a lot for me (had to run home to feed Gray in between) but it was such a fun day!

The house is sleeping so I'm busy working or I would write more… instead just enjoy some photos!

Two sisters and three kids… love the idea of having a shoot with your sister!

And then after walking around the Missouri Botanical Gardens I got to head down to the alleys of 15th and Washington again… still on my top spots to shoot! Love it down there!

Don't you love her red shoes? I actually handed her the camera and made her take this one for me:
Meryl is breathtaking if you ask me! I swear, seniors are so much prettier than I ever EVER was in high school! 

More to come from these shoots when they're finished!

I have so much to share and so little time! Ugh! I'm posting my DECEMBER SPECIAL at midnight tonight so if you're up late come back or check in the morning! I also just have so many photos to share! Thanksgiving and other random family photos especially. I have announcements to make and designs to show you. But priorities! First I must finish sweet Laura's wedding photos and get the Niehaus christmas card to the printers and go to the POST OFFICE (if you are waiting on something from me in the mail, hang tight, it's coming!) tomorrow and pack up the HALLOWEEN mini photos that finally came in the mail yesterday and just keep on trucking through the mounds and piles and lists of work I still have to do before I can even think of starting on my own things I want to do like create some photo books for Christmas gifts and put up our tree.

So off I go! Watch me fly!

oh, i love parker too.

It's just that she's SO that photo right now. Or has been her whole life.

But just to make her Aunt Abbie happy, since she called me and said, "you aren't actually thinking of sending that card out are you?" and when I answered, "yep, we totally are!" she said, "poor parker!", I am going to show you a cute one I got of her today…

And I love her face here…
She really loves that little man!

So there were moments of happiness coming from her little two year old body, but when Bails asked to take a photo (she's obsessed right now with anything I like to do!) and I handed her the camera, Parker totally freaked. And the tantrum started.

20081129_0041 20081129_0047

Those three shots taken by Bailey!

So anyway. If you are a client and you've ever heard me say, "no no really, your child was great today! Trust me!" it's b/c THIS is how my own kid behaves!

Ugh. As much as I LOVE our 2008 Christmas card, I really wanted at least ONE good one of all three of my kids. Oh well!

Oh, and in case you are wondering about their adorable outfits (or maybe it's just me that loves the clothes on them!) I got them at the Black Friday sale at GAP! Buy one sweater get one free! So perfect as I'd been stalking these outfits online for a while!

Oh, and Happy Birthday mom!

Oh, and if I dig out time tomorrow I will post some sneak peeks from 2 shoots I had last week, share some design work I've been working on and announce something concerning photo shoots!

Until then, happy tantrums!

oh the procrastination.

Ugh. Sometimes I really hate my Google Reader! Most nights I get the kids asleep, at whatever time that may be, and sit down immediately to work. And most nights I can get a lot accomplished considering it's late, I'm tired and the tv is on (I watch a LOT of tv now that I can TIVO anything I like!). But then there are nights like this, when the baby is up on and off so I know I don't have a lot of uninterrupted time and when I am so far beyond tired my eyes start to water and my mind goes numb if I just keep editing. So what do I do to stay awake?

Read other blogs.

I give myself little goals like, "edit 5 photos and go read 1 blog" or "edit 10 photos and read 2 blogs and check email."

But lots of times, especially when I'm tired (I have degrees of tired and although I think I operate tired ALL of the time there are other times that I actually feel tired. does that make sense or I am too tired?), I get sucked into my Google Reader and find that I've read 10 blogs to every 1 photo edited.

And that is my night so far. Grayson wakes up, put him to the boob (b/c that is his happy place) until he falls asleep, lay him in the crib, check on Chris/go to the bathroom/do something else since I'm up, sit down on the couch, turn my show back on, pick up the laptop, edit a photo, go to my Reader and get lost.

What photos am I editing tonight? These…


And what have I found interesting on my Reader?



Found it HERE and if I find a moment of time tomorrow (which I'm sure I won't) I want to make one for at least Grayson!



They are color seek and find bean bags which I think the girls would love! I found them HERE. I want to order one set for the girls for Christmas…

Also I am fascinated by THIS:

Found HERE. I bookmarked this a while back and just revisited it as I'm started this transformation myself recently. We have one plastic bin for string cheese now that the girls can reach by themselves… eventually my fridge will look like that one!

And one last thing that would be great for Thanksgiving… THIS: no photo so go HERE. What looks like an amazing hostess gift! Totally trying this tomorrow night to give my MIL/FIL for hosting Tday! Recipe courtesy of FERN. Thanks Fern!

So now that I have completely succumbed to Google Reader by blogging myself I am now forcing myself back to my edits! I swear, if I could work at normal hours of the day on more than 2 hours sleep and without the constant interruption of a nursing baby I would get more done and procrastinate less.

But maybe not.

and the sickos reign.

Man alive I hate having sick kids! Bailey's fever hasn't broken yet so she's staying strong around 103. Parker is feeling a bit better with her fever almost gone. Grayson won't sleep which is a really fun way to spend the day. Especially when all I want to do is sleep!

We're spending yet another day at my poor mother's house since she was supposed to watch the girls for me but I felt bad sticking her with sick kids. SO we have Kelsey here helping us with the kids which is giving me a bit of time to catch up on work. When you run your own business and have three kids ages three and under you never take a day off just to attempt at keeping up with things… I've taken FOUR days off for family and illness so now I'm completely stressed and working frantically to catch up!

Again, thank you for your patience with me!!!

And just b/c this post is as tired and depressed as I'm feeling, here are a few cute photos of Sam I got this weekend…

Sam is a spitter and I love that I got it on her chin here! A stage that isn't the most fun but one you do eventually miss!
My other niece, Polly!

I mean, am I biased or is she cute? :)


She's cute. Hands down.

It literally breaks little pieces off my heart every time they come in and then leave again. I want my sister living next door to me so we can raise our kids in a pack, mothering each of them as our own whether they are or not. It's hard to do that when they live 8 hours away. We miss you already Aunt Abba, Untle Tris, Polly and baby Manfa!

And. Now. Back to work…

Sunday Part Deux

It doesn't feel like Monday around here. Chris is home from school and we're all spending the day at my parent's house to enjoy our last moments with Abbie, Chris and Sam. Nice and slow. Lots of toys scattered about (which doesn't bother me here like it does at home) and the fire on. Love it.

Not loving that Parker was up ALL NIGHT. Or that Grayson was up all night too. Or that Bailey is now running a 101 degree fever and her and the little man and I are headed to the doctor later. I never love sick kids and exhausted parents.

But that's what makes this lazy family day nice. Chris is currently working on his laptop, Abbie is playing+holding Grayson, Bailey is emptying the dryer, Sam is sleeping, Uncle Chris is reading, Grandma is downstairs working, Parker is making messes and here I sit blogging.

So anyway. Life is moving and this slow weekend has made me feel slow and nostalgic. Like I'm watching my life move while I sit and enjoy it. Even in the midst of strep throat and vomit and nursing and no sleep.

I did do a tiny bit of work this weekend I want to share. It was SO cold on Saturday but this brave family came out for a mini shoot anyway! And even with runny noses and red cheeks we got some cute shots! Thanks Sarah and Chris… your little girl is adorable!

I love this… they were singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"! So cute! Thanks for braving the cold you guys!

So it's just about doctor time and there are about a million toys I should try to pick up before we leave!

Happy Monday… it's the start of a holiday week! Love it!

it’s amazing isn’t it?

It's amazing how your life can be anything you want on your blog. I love blogs.  Don't want people to know you had a bad day? Don't write about it. Invent perfect children and lots of money, just blog about it and maybe it will really happen! There are lots of "mommy blogs" i read once or twice and then quit b/c they aren't real. They are usually ones with kids as young and as close together as mine and you can't find one post about how sometimes being a parent REALLY sucks. I leave their blog immediately b/c I know that woman is living in a dream world.

So to blow up my dream world of the perfect sunday…

It's just about midnight and so far already I have been puked on twice while trying to give the feverish Parker medicine she refuses to take. I have rocked her back to sleep three times and fed Grayson twice. I still have work to finish so I'm trying to stay awake and make it happen. Parker is now in our bed with Chris which means I can't just bring Gray into our bed when he eats around 2am. It's going to be a long long night. And I should have guessed something was wrong with her (she has strep I found out tonight at the urgent care) when during a time out yesterday she got a pillow and this is what I found on my parent's dining room floor:


Poor kid!

I just hate looking down the barrel of a long night. It makes me want to keep drinking soda and just pull an all nighter, but I know I can't do that anymore. I can survive on a little sleep but not on no sleep.

Anyway, just didn't want you to think life was perfect! Sick kids and late nights and work. Luckily Chris has agreed to take a sick day tomorrow to help me with the kids…thanks C!

Here's to a fever-free Monday morning!