a little holiday update + some really bad photos

I warn you, this will be filled with some of the worst photos ever…

Where to start? Bailey is still sick but the fever is gone as of yesterday and I think she's on the mend. Parker and Grayson are now coughing (the cough is worse than it has been for Parker so it tells me this is something new) and I think I'm at least getting Gray into the doc this morning as he is also wheezing and that worries me a bit b/c of RSV. Since I don't remember life without sick kids this all isn't bothering me too much!

Here's Bailey from Saturday when she was quarantined with Chris at home (I had the little ones at my mom's)…


(Photo taken by Chris)

And I told you about a painting I did for a friend of mine… she has three little girls…


and she calls them her monkey's. When I saw this idea (yes, I totally stole the painting idea!) HERE I knew I had to paint it for her as a Christmas gift. So I did…


I didn't have any kind of canvas and I love how Kal Barteski paints on anything so I just grabbed a piece of scrap paper and went at it. I love it! Sorry the photo is so horrible. Then I had a frame I got for $4 at Target last summer so I put it in there, painted the edge of the mat with blue paint and then glitter modge podge, wrapped it and gave it. Of course I don't have any other photos to share. On the back of the frame I wrote something like, "for my friend and her three little monkeys…" but she didn't see that right away and was a bit confused as to why I was giving her monkeys. Oh well, it's the thought that counts I guess!

In other crafty news, the girls and I made our first ginger bread house out of graham crackers and Chris didn't like how little I let them help. But to my defense, every time they added something we had a cave in and then they'd get upset! So they helped with the candy a bit but I did the construction. Anyway, he was unhappy with the way I was doing it and demonstrated it the next morning when he totally chomped a bite right out of the top (just so it wasn't too perfect anymore the big jerk!)


Oh, and did I mention that he took this photo too? He's been hyjacking the camera this weekend and although the photos are a little rough, I love that he's actually thinking to take a photo… he usually hates me and my camera!

And to end our terrible photo parade…


We took the kids to see Santa a few nights ago (Thursday, before we knew how sick Bails actually was). While waiting GoGo (my MIL) let the girls toss money into the fountains…20081218_0021blog20081218_0035blog

I love how completely out of focus this one is!

We got there at 5:30pm to find this sign… and he was late which drove me crazy!
But he got there and we were first in line so it went fast. Two things… 1. I will not take my camera next year and just pay the $50 for photos b/c getting three kids on his lap and taking the photos didn't work well and 2. Santa is not always jolly when he has three kids crowded on his lap!


So classic!

TODAY:  The girls and I are about to start the gift wrapping mania and YES I am letting them help so if you receive a gift from us and there is tape all over it but no paper, don't judge! Grayson is sleeping after coughing all night and in 5 minutes I'll be calling the ped to see if we can get in or not. Chris is going to go sweep the back porch in 10 degree weather b/c he's anal and needs a break I think. And yes it's not even 8am yet. Our playdate with friends is canceled due to coughing and we're hoping we can see Samantha today even if we don't touch! Dinner tonight at our house with family to round out the day! Oh and I have 100 Christmas cards to address. And the Jodified New Year's card to create. And my website to work on!


1. Gift certificates with this years pricing will only be sold until 1.1.09 so order yours today!

2. If you have booked a session for the new year at this year's rates your deposit is due in my hands before 1.1.09 or it's not booked. This is also your last chance to lock in these rates!

Have a good Monday!

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