holiday photos part one.

Obviously I've taken a ton of photos this week and so I thought I would start the onslaught tonight with some I took today of my dad's side of the family…

Way to Go Christmas Kuhn Family!

20081227_0011 copy My sweet niece playing peekaboo with her daddy!
20081227_0024 copy
20081227_0049 copy
20081227_0069 copy My dad's brother, my Uncle John, Aunt Cate and cousin Chris (yes oh yes we have a cousin Chris and my sister and I both married men named Chris!) with his new fiance Megan!
20081227_0070 copy
20081227_0079 copy
These two have been married for a long time but totally act like they are the newly engaged couple!
20081227_0089 copy
20081227_0106 copy
20081227_0117 copy
20081227_0129 copy
Isn't she beautiful? And so in love! :)
20081227_0137 copy
20081227_0148bw copy
My dad's younger brother, my Uncle Jeff, Aunt Cindy, Bea and Ben.
20081227_0158 copy
I love this one of the kids! Bailey LOVES Bea and Ben!
20081227_0166 copy
Thanks to Megan for snapping one of us!
20081227_0176 copy
These next ones just make me happy… my dad is being silly with all the grandkids who are off to the side and my mom is laughing at him! Love these!!!
20081227_0180 copy
I love that he just couldn't focus on me and kept playing with them!
20081227_0183 copy
I finally got a little focus!
20081227_0189 copy
A favorite!
20081227_0193 copy
Chris had the camera for a minute and got this of my sister, who will kill me for posting it, but I love it! Totally cracks me up!
20081227_0199bw copy
My parent's really wanted a photo with all the grandkids, for a New Year's card, and b/c there were so many funny ones I have to post a few! Oh how imperfect posing with four kids three and under is! I love it!
20081227_0200bw copy
20081227_0212bw copy
20081227_0215bw copy

So there you have it! One side of our crazy family! We love them all!

And a great idea… while at a family gathering, run outside and snap some shots! A great way to update your photos each year! We definitely have to make this a tradition!

It was 72 here today, completely insane, and Chris and I are sitting together getting work done WITH THE DOOR OPEN! In December we have our front door open letting in the air! Wonderful. Happy evening.

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