just for jakki.

Jakki, a sweet blog reader and fellow blogger herself (her blog HERE) loves baby photos in black and white so here you go Jakki! A few of Mr Man from today!

The light was AWFUL but I'm kind of digging the ISO at 1600 lately… love the grainy look for some reason right now. Not even minding when they are slightly out of focus like the ones I got on a family walk this evening when the light was super low. There is something to be said about the imperfect photos that still are able to capture emotion and tell a story.

Not sure if it's b/c I spent all fall trying to get "perfect" photos or what, but I'm really in love with crazy actions, low light, grain, b/w and fuzzy. A phase? Maybe. It's art baby and ever changing!

So I've finished the website and am now waiting on an email from my host company telling me that it's LIVE. Starting to stress that I haven't heard from them yet. Praying my Jan 1 debut is still possible!!!

Kind of taking it easy tonight after working until so late the last few nights and feeling a tad under the weather. C and I played Seinfeld Scene It earlier and now I'm editing a shoot from last week. Hope you enjoyed this warm day if you were in St. Louis!

And now to make Jakki smile…

Oh I love this little guy! He lost some weight last week when he wasn't eating much but luckily he didn't lose all his yummy chub! Don't you just want to kiss those lips? Oh that makes me want to go wake him up and kiss him! Yeah right! Ha!

And these are from our walk tonight…

Love these two boys!
Chris was getting sick of me attempting to get an in-focus shot, he will put up with the camera for about 3 minutes before I get this:
I love how confused Gray looks!
For some reason these shriveled up berries really spoke to me.

And although it just about killed him, I handed Chris the camera and forced him to take a few of me. I need to do this more often so the kids actually see me in their young lives!
It was so windy and I love my crazy hair here!
And me and my girls.

Here's hoping I have a website up and running by tomorrow night!

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