Oh yes! We’re having a contest!

***staying at the top until contest is closed… scroll down for newer posts!***

First, thanks for all the encouraging comments. I love hearing your stories about how you dealt with your child's ear infections or your ideas about what we could try! I always love ideas + advice!

Second, the point of this blog….

A MAJOR AWARD! (Christmas Story anyone?)

The Contest: Picking the best photo of 2008!

The Award: (No, it's not a plastic leg lamp) an 11×14 print on foam core of the winning image!

SO, here is the deal…

I've gone through every session I've had this year and chosen my top 10 "moment" photos! "Moments" being defined as what I pride myself on… capturing the moments of a family together that define true life… the not-so-perfect moments if you will! (FYI, this was incredibly hard b/c there are ones I love in each session and there were some sessions I had multiple favorites, but I had to keep it to a reasonable number!) I am going to post them all here and then give you until the first of the new year to vote!

Each photo is numbered 1-10 and all you have to do is look at them and vote over on the sidebar! So easy!!! Feel free to encourage your family and friends to come by and vote as there is only ONE VOTE PER PERSON! Please!

Also, these are just MY favorite 10! They are my favorites for different reasons so please don't get your feelings hurt if you don't see your family represented! I love you all! :)

Here we go!













Let the voting begin!

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