perspective is everything.


Our good friend Donna sent Christmas cards out this year with this photo (from the Soulard Mini's) and the caption "perspective is everything."

That is ringing so true for me today. Yesterday I started out my day with a NILMDTS shoot. Can you imagine losing a baby two days before Christmas? I can't.

It made all the illness seem to melt away and put my life back into perspective. Major perspective.  Even when I spent from 9pm-1am in the ER with Grayson (and Aunt Abbie who came along to keep me company! Thanks Ab!) who was wheezing really bad and coughing too much and who has a double ear infection now on top of RSV (they cultured him and it was positive). RSV is scary. I hate listening to his breathing, or lack thereof. But at least he's breathing. And he's alive. And he's still smiling.

TODAY: Merry Christmas Eve blogland! We're wrapping gifts and coughing and watching movies and wheezing and eating yummy snacks and sneezing. Heading to my in-laws to infect hang out with all of them tonight which we're excited about… there's something about my inlaw's home that I love; super cozy and warm. Because I had no wrapping time last night (which was my designated wrap session) C and I will be up late tonight playing Santa! Love that. Some hot chocolate, White Christmas and gifts to wrap… I love spending late nights with him!

I hope your families are well, your shopping is done and your heart is full today.

ps… keep voting and spread the word to your family and friends!!!

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