the funniest christmas play ever.

Last night at our family Christmas party Chris and the girls put on a little play. Well, they sang a song and pretended to hit their heads on a table, but in our family that equals the best Christmas play ever.

Ok ok ok. It's definitely not the best, but it sure is the funniest!

And at the very end, please notice  the TWO 32oz Mnt Dew cups over to the right side of the screen! Oh yes I certainly ordered soda from Imo's b/c I was shaky from lack of sleep! (And is it strange that the shakiness hasn't worn off? My hands are shaking as I type this. One more day of crazy to get through enjoy!)

ANYWAY. GO HERE and watch Bailey, Parker and Chris in their first attempt at a Christmas play!

So funny.

In 20 minutes Christmas is here and we are busy being Santa (and taking an email break+blog break!)…

Merry Christmas!

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