two more days


I want to write a novel about how excited I am to launch the website in a few days but it's midnight and my kids wake up in 5 hours with a nursing session or two between now and then. So instead I just want to mention that man oh man I am so excited!

Dreams coming true and all that jazz.

Also, for all you Jodified clients out there, even past clients who will have a "grandfather clause" to fall back on, the deal of the century is almost over! To review… if you book NOW for 2009 and get me a 50% deposit BEFORE the 1st of the year you will LOCK IN the 2008 rates ($250 and a FREE disk). I've had a lot of bookings already but I want to make sure you know that this is the best deal I will ever offer.

And does anyone outside of St. Louis want to be a Jodified client? If you are in the Kansas City (or surrounding areas) area I will be traveling there for a weekend of sessions in June! I will announce the date soon but please email me with interest!

Oh, and do you notice the look and feel of the blog is a bit different? Yep. Changes all around baby! NEW LOGO to be released soon (teaser on the new banner!), no more albums of client images, soon-to-be albums of my own family, etc. I will also be updating my blog+website links soon so please shoot me an email if you want me to link your blog or website here… I won't promise I will link it, but I promise I will take a look at your site and see if I love it!

So that's what I've been doing the last few days. Editing photos, website building, blog renovating, snot wiping, potty training, etc. Oh yes. We're potty training Parker. Lord help us all.

To leave you tonight, so I can go collapse into bed feeling pretty miserable (totally caught someone's cold!), here is a sneak peek from my shoot the day after Christmas…

20081226_0027bw copy
20081226_0145 copy 20081226_0149

20081226_0374 copy
20081226_0266 copy 

Just a peek!

Keep voting! We've had almost 400 votes! Spread the word and tell your family and friends to help you win! One vote per person please!

This is such an exciting week… I've never yearned for the new year to come so badly!

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