Wow have I been having fun learning how to animate files in photoshop! Here is what I have done recently:


A button for Janel.


A button for Fern.


And a banner for Chris.

Which made me realize I could do a banner for myself! Working on that tonight!

And to give you ONE MORE FELT PROJECT…

For the girl's Valentine gift basket I made them a hair bow holder…


I don't know how to explain in more detail how I did it except that I created the little felt bird, then I hand-stitched the "lovely" and sewed them both to a length of ribbon. I did this in a couple of hours one night.


You can see from the close-up that I am by no means perfect when it comes to hand sewing!


And here is how it will look when it's in use!


We will hang it on a hook in our bathroom!

*** Still feeling really awful. I can't believe I made it out of the mess that was our Christmas healthy only to fall down with it now. Just when I was getting life truly back together. Thank goodness for today, Chris played with Gray until he was passed to me for food and the girls went to DoodleBuggs to play. I have been laying on the couch working all day. Does anyone know what kind of meds I can take while breast feeding??? I'm dying for some DayQuil!

**** For all of you that have tried yesterday's project, or that try any of the other ones I post this week, I would love you to send me photos and I will share them on the blog! It will be great to see other people's versions of these crafts!

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