Day Five.


Today I have saved my two favorite craft projects!

I will be posting them in two parts b/c I am at my parent's today working on their new website and left my camera adapter at home… and since the finished photos for one of the crafts are still on my camera that is a problem. So check back later!

The first is this little tree. A Valentine's Tree!

All I did was go outside and cut off some branches from a tree. We laid newspaper on our table and I let the girls help me paint the branches white. Once they were dry we painted on Glitter Modge Podge just to add a little sparkle (totally not needed if you don't have Modge Podge easily available).

The girls loved painting the branches and we did it over two days so the craft project lasted… I try to stretch our crafts out as much as possible!

Then I just used Elmer's Glue and glued on some confetti hearts I bought at Walmart (I can't find a link but any hearts will work, even ones you cut out yourself!).

Really, this was SO easy!!! And it looks SO cute as a decoration this year!


I put it here in the dining room (office) and then I tried it here…


In our front hallway, which is where it stayed b/c I could have moved it to a million other places! I love it! Such a simple and easy way to add a very understated Valentine's decoration to your home!

Be back later with my favorite craft+gift I did this year!

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