Day Four.

Oh my did Day Four of this crazy love-filled week start early! I'm guessing that the cold meds I'm taking are keeping my brain spazzed out b/c I just couldn't shut it off. I got in bed at 11pm, saw midnight, saw 1am, saw 3am and at 4:30am I got up and organized all the files on my computer. Thrilling. But I do think the meds are working, besides the crazy no-sleep issue I am feeling a bit better. So good in fact that in the last 4 hours I have done a load of laundry, vacuumed, made pancakes, showered, got all the kids changed and dressed, cleaned the kitchen and finished a craft project. Wowza!

So today I am going to share some gift ideas for your husband or anyone in your life you want to share your love with! Most of these things are projects I have done in the past but they are still good ideas I think! And it might just inspire you to make something yourself, which is always a good thing!

And really, I'm sharing these things this week b/c I am mostly inspired by other's work. I see something and either try to copy it (like the felt heart cookies) or it sparks an idea in me and I run with it. Inspiration can come in so many ways and although I am not saying that I am personally inspiring, I hope that seeing some of these ideas might inspire you to give HAND MADE this year!

#1: Initial Collage


I actually made this for myself last year for my craft room (now Gray's room) but it would be a great idea as a gift for someone! I cut the letter out of matboard (you can find it at art stores but any kind of cardboard would work too) and then just used paper, photos and embelishments.



A few detailed shots to show you how layered and imperfect it is!

#2: Cardboard Photo Hanging Thing


I found this cardboard thing at Michaels a few years ago but have seen them since. It's hollow and had two grommets at the top for a string so I made it into a frame. All I did was glue on a photo (that had been backed in cardstock), used stamps to include a quote (Smiles are the soul's kisses) and then used a stamp pad to distress the edges. Super easy and I gave it to Chris as a gift!

#3: Soda Box Collage


I know I've shared this before but it is still one of my favorite projects and I literally did it in one night. I collected elements, some from around the house and a few I bought at an art store (the letters, metal flower, etc.) and then hot glued it all in there. It hangs in our family room and I LOVE it. I need to change it to add a photo of Gray in… one of these days!  Anyway, I made something sort of like this for my parents and I think this could be a great gift for anyone! My sister is still waiting for me to do hers… one of these days! HA!

#4: YOU Book


This is what I gave Chris last year for Valentine's Day. I just created little tags with scrapbook paper, stamped YOU on each page and then wrote something that he is to me; You are my amazing husband.

"you are my endless smile and perfect laugh"

And whenever I do something with binder rings I have to add fun ribbons to jazz it up a bit!


Super simple and super quick but he loved it b/c I was sweet with some and funny with others… and it's fun to look back to what I said just a year ago that has changed!

#5: Photo Garland


Totally cheating here b/c this was a KIT from Target that my sister sent me! HOWEVER, it is something that anyone could do on their own so I wanted to share it!  All it is is a string with rings tied to the ends with clips tied to the string for photos and then bits of ribbon knotted along the length of it! So simple! I love it though! It hangs in our hallway…


Ok, I think that is enough inspiration for one morning!

Is Grey's new tonight? I hope so! And if so, happy Grey Day!

Now I'm off to glitter glue with the girls while we wait for Grayson to wake up!

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