day three.

Sorry this is a bit late in posting, this cold has knocked me flat. Although not flat enough that I didn't run three errands in the 6+ inches of snow on the ground this morning! I hit Walgreens after Elizabeth's sweet comment and link that told me what I could take to curb this nose running, coughing and overall yuckiness I'm experiencing, then since I was out anyway, I of course got myself (and Chris who is home for snow day #2) a soda. After running back home to get the little man I headed out for his Chiropractor appointment with Dr. Brenda. He's sniffling a bit and I'm hoping to hold off him getting my cold.

SO. Still feeling pretty awful but the snow is beautiful, the girls are giddy with excitement about sledding later, Gray is sleeping off his adjustment and I'm going to give you just two small kiddo ideas today.

1. Bubble Print Painting

Thanks to my awesome clients who keep ordering prints, I have found my home over-run with bubble wrap. Then I saw a tutorial on bubble wrap painting and knew we had to try it! I think I found the sample HERE but changed it up a bit to make it more toddler friendly.


I think in the sample I found she used ink and a roller but I just used acrylic paint that we had at the house. All I did was put envelopes (to house their Valentine's) in a pie plate for each girl and put a small piece (about 4×4) of bubble wrap in the bottom. I let them paint on the bubble wrap with different shades of pink and then we laid the envelopes on top of the bubble wrap, pressed and POOF! Bubble Wrap Painting!

Super simple and it kept them busy a long time, as long as I kept the envelopes and paint coming they kept working! We had a whole stack of envelopes done in no time!

This would be cute to do on cards (and then you could glue a photo on top or something), it's a great texture that would be cute on a white matte for inside a frame… lots of ideas and ways to use this painting project!


2.  Candy Trees

So I've been kind of bad about sweets lately. Really bad in fact. I am having more cravings 7 months into nursing than I ever did while I was pregnant! And of course there is no baby in my tummy sucking up all those calories so let's just say I won't be posting self portraits anytime soon! :)

Anyway, I have fallen victim to all the Valentine candy at the store right now and we have an over-flow of candy hearts, sprinkles, chocolates, etc. In an attempt to get some of them OUT of the house without throwing them away I decided on a craft project for the girls!

All I did was paint a tree on paper (I did this ahead of time so the paint would be dry and I made LOTS of them b/c I know my girls love to work fast and I wanted to have enough on hand) and then let them glue candy all over it!


They had a BLAST!  I always use cupcake papers to hold the glue (and I use baby cotton swabs with the fatter ends for them to glue with) and I also used them this time to hold the hearts. In the dollar section at Target (love that section!) they have a 4-pack of Valentine sprinkles which was perfect b/c each girl got two shakers to use. Between sneaking bits of candy+sprinkles and using a medium we don't usually use (food) they LOVED this project! And really, you don't need the tree, they could just glue on paper or make cards or whatever!

Enjoy this cold weather and craft with your kids!

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