Day Two.

Did I hear someone scream for some felt? Or was that just me?

I am in love with felt right now. It's a pretty serious love affair. I even traded a coupe photo shoots for this amazing felt food (that I STILL need to show you!) made by two wonderful ladies for the girl's Christmas kitchen. And I traded those shoots not b/c I can't make felt food on my own, at that point in my life I just had no time. But currently, although I still have a lot going on, I have found time to spend with my friend, Felt.

The first thing I made were a couple heart-shaped Valentine cookies to give the girls for their kitchen as a Vday gift. Simple simple simple, just a bit of embroidery floss and some felt and there you go!


The dots are supposed to be sprinkles! I have more to make but I think they will like them and it was a cheap and easy handmade gift to make!

I got the idea HERE… hers are cuter but I was working fast and forgot the tan felt. Whatever. I like them!

Next, I get emails from THIS blog and love her products but decided to do something similar on my own with felt as a decoration.


All I did was cut circles using a cup to trace the circles. I cut a large one in white with pinking shears and then a slightly smaller on in red with just scissors. I used pink to cut the letters out, I just cut them freehand. I first hand stitched the letters onto the red circles and then stitched the red onto the white.


I also made two smaller circles with hearts on them for the ends of the word…


Again, super simple!

Then I hand stitched all the circles to a white ribbon… I left  a ton of ribbon on either side so that I have more flexibility in where I hang it from year to year.


Cute huh? And so easy! I made the whole thing one evening while I watched tv!

TODAY: I am sick sick sick. My head aches, my throat hurts, my nose is stuffy and my whole body is begging for sleep. Luckily it is a snow day here and Chris is home. Unluckily he is using this day to renew his license plates. I'm praying for lots of cartoon watching and easy kids today b/c it is going to be hard to motivate myself off the couch. Any grandma want the kids??? :)

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