is it later already?

Oh my gosh this day flew by!

*My session this morning went perfect… sweet family, adorable baby and two cute boys!

*The kids all took great naps so I could get some work done.

*Chris took the girls to a high school basketball game so Gray and I had some quiet time eating dinner, rolling balls and reading before he conked out.

*Now all three kids are in bed, Chris is in one room working and I'm in the other. Oh the romance. Be still my heart.

Good+busy day. Love it.

So before I get cracking on emails (I swear I'm getting to you!) and photo edits I wanted to share our fun news with you!

Saturday night we went to an auction (silent+live) for the high school youth group at our church. They are raising money for a mission trip this summer. I donated a photo session which was one out of hundreds of donations. It was seriously incredible! Dinner was catered by my amazing mom and MAN was it good! She did a great job and so did everyone else running it. Chris and I had more fun than we've had in a really long time… so fun my face hurt from laughing the next day!

So a few items into the live auction Chris calls my mom over and says something to the effect of, "MJ, if you loved me you'd buy us this trip to Florida!" She laughed and said she'd see what she could do. From that moment I have no idea how this all actually transpired, but somehow she got their good friends who are the parent's of OUR good friends to agree to go in on the trip too. So within minutes our four families agreed to bid on this package!

Kevin, my friend Angie's husband, was the bidder and played it SO cool we were all dying! Long story short, we got ONE WEEK in Santa Rosa, Florida in a 3 story home for $2050! Split four ways! How awesome is that? Here is Kevin playing it oh so cool…



I think his dad is saying, "What are you DOING? BID!!!" But Kevin waited it out to get us the BEST deal ever! Thanks Kevin!


OMGosh we are dying we're so excited! It will be our first family vacation with all three kids and our first time to travel with friends! And the MacBryde family (both junior and senior) are so great, we just LOVE them!

Here is a photo of the house we're staying in!


See that adorable blue house? I'm dying! Can you imagine the photos? Is it sad that that was one of my first thoughts?

If you live in or near Santa Rosa we will be there either early in June or August, we're working out the week right now, and I would LOVE to book a few sessions while there! Bright colors, the beach, oh my gosh I am so excited!


The last thing I want to say about breast feeding, and then I SWEAR I'm done, is that the main reason this means so much to me with Grayson is b/c I wasn't able to nurse Bailey or Parker.

I wanted to nurse them both but it just was awful. I was so nervous with Bailey and she didn't latch well. Then we had a CRAZY lactation consultant that told us we had to ONLY hold her chest to chest to bond with her and make EVERYONE that held her take their shirt off or she would not bond to anyone! Of course we knew it sounded crazy but we were first time parents so we didn't know any better. Truly, it was just a mess with Bailey in so many ways. They gave her a bottle without telling me so then when my milk wasn't in yet she screamed and screamed. I didn't know it at the time but I actually make too much milk so I was painfully engorged with no relief. After 6 days (I think) I gave up in tears on the phone with my mom. I just couldn't be in pain anymore and I was starting to hate motherhood b/c I was so miserable physically.

When Parker got here I was DETERMINED to make it work. Again, she had a bad latch which caused sore and bleeding nipples. This time the hospital told me to pump out the extra milk but it was awful. If I tried to feed her first before pumping she would drown b/c it came out so fast and if I waited until after I had pumped she was usually so hungry and screaming that it was hard to calm her down to get her latch right. I also didn't know then that if you pumped too much it just made more milk and by the end of her first week I could pump 10-12oz PER BREAST at each feeding. It was insane. And painful. And I had a 16 month old. And I was so overwhelmed with two babies I started slipping into a depression and finally gave up. I think I lasted almost 2 months.

So with Grayson I went into it hoping for the best but assuming it wouldn't work and he'd be bottle fed like his sisters. No big deal. I was relaxed and truly couldn't care one way or the other. This time I knew that my sanity was more important than anything and went into it with that attitude. I knew what was best for him but I just had to do what was best for me. Well the little bugger ate like a champ from day one! He nursed so long and so often I never even got engorged in the early days. If he wasn't at my breast he was sound asleep b/c for months that is all he did. Eat and sleep. He never had a latching issue and aside from being sore simply b/c he nursed so much, there were no problems. To me, it was a miracle and a true blessing. And it made my life so much easier.

SO. I guess I just wanted to let you all know that I've been on both sides. On all sides really. The good and bad and worse. And in the end, as long as your baby is happy and healthy, and you're happy and healthy it's really all that matters.

And that my friends, is all I will say about breast feeding!

I promise!

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