later today.

How in the world do my kids wake up, after waking up multiple times during the night asking to be covered up or get a drink of water or whatever, and have so much energy? The girls are bouncing around here like they are on speed. And they were up so much last night for some reason, one time Bailey said her blankies weren't laying in her bed the right way! SERIOUSLY kid? It's 2am! Get over it! And the little man is still eating multiple times a night, which I keep telling myself is fine b/c I will only be able to do this a while longer, but when I wake up in the morning feeling like i saw every hour I am rethinking the whole "cry it out" technique.


Later today I will post more photos and tell you about our CRAZY night Saturday night!


It involves her.


And him.


And all of them.

And a trip to Florida. Where I will be booking sessions btw. But later on all of that.

Later today I will also talk ONE LAST TIME about breast feeding. So the few men that read this can rest easy that today will be the last day of boob talk. But b/c of the response I'm going to be mega-brave and post just one photo here. So men, scroll past if you want…


Oh man I love that kid.


Of course I love all my kids like this the best! Sound asleep. Ahhhh. Sweet relief as Chris would say!

So I have things for you later. Aren't you just on the edge of your seat?

TODAY:  I have a session with a sweet little 4 month old, the girls+Gray are being introduced to their new Tuesday sitter, Miss Barb and there had better be a mnt dew in my immediate future or my body will continue to move like a slug and this day will never get going. Did I tell you our washer broke? And when the repair man (my MOTHER suggested) came yesterday, after already having gone 4 days without doing a load, he said "Miss, you're not going to like this, but I can't fix a Kenmore b/c I'm from GE." Awesome. Thanks mom. So we now have to wait until Thursday for the Sears guy to come out. This morning when I realized Bailey had no underwear I called my mom in desperation and she came down, in her nightgown, at 7am, to pick up a basket of laundry and bring Bails clean underwear! So she really is the best mom in the world! I won't doubt that again! Thanks mom!

It's cold but sunny and my creative legs are getting stretched today! It's a good one! Enjoy it!

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