let’s just say that yesterday included having vomit on my face.

And it was not my own.

Grayson woke up at 6:30am crying. I fed him and then he cried. I changed his diaper and he cried. His fever was up at 103.5 and when I picked him up he stopped crying and started making all these crazy noises. So if you can imagine, I'm holding him and put my face down near his to say, "what are you doing little man?" in a silly singsong voice when he PROJECTILE VOMITED IN MY FACE.

As in, dripping down my chin, down my shirt and puddling on the floor.

That, my friends, is how I started my day.

How jealous are you?

TODAY started with more fevers and trying to squeeze G's little man parts into a urination bag to collect his urine. Surprisingly, he didn't even notice as I squished and pushed them in this tiny hole. And now we're waiting for the pee. Once that happens I have to run the specimen to his doctor for testing. (For some reason I really like the word SPECIMEN. What is wrong with me?) I guess they'll be testing for some kind of infection since he's had a fever of 102-104.5 since Monday.

I also have a BIG surprise photo shoot today that I will (hopefully, depending on my sick baby) tell you about tonight.

And now it's my turn to hold the hot tamale baby.

It's Saturday… I'm just going to hold it together ok? Go.

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