our favorite game. hands down.

I love playing games with the girls. Bailey is finally at the age where she is starting to understand rules and how to follow them. Parker, not so much, but she loves to "play" along with us too. And I would MUCH rather play a game with them b/c I feel like they are learning so much (and it's easy to have Gray on the floor playing next to us while we play together).

But do you ever stand in Target, staring at the massive wall of games and just wonder which ones your kids will LOVE and which will be a big fat waste of money? We have bought some SERIOUS duds. And of course there are the classic favorites like Candy Land and Hi-Ho Cherry-O (both of which my kids LOVE). But there is one game that we play literally every single day. And have for months now. (A big huge THANK YOU to Aunt Abbie for giving us this game!!!)


Found HERE

Seriously. This is the best game I've found for little people ever. We love it.

What you do is start with the tree:


Then you start putting the leaves in all of those little holes… the girls are really good at this part! AND it takes a while which I love b/c it stretches time out…


When all the leaves are in they get to put in the bees… they love this part also!


The bees rest on the bed of leaves. Then you start pulling out the leaves, everyone taking turns, and the one with the FEWEST bees wins.


(This was just me and Parker playing, my 2 year old)

Of course the girls LOVE it when the bees fall out so neither one cares about the fact that you don't actually want the bees! They laugh every single time they all start falling!


Here's Gray watching… he will sit there the entire time just watching them play! It's adorable.


And do you see that little curl in the back of his head? I wonder if when the humidity returns he'll have curls like the girls?

So there you have it! The best game we've ever owned!

And just b/c these were taken the same day… and b/c he is so stinkin cute…



The response about the breast feeding photos was awesome today! I got so many emails I will be answering them as fast as I can tonight before bed! So if you are waiting for the password, it's coming!

I really love that I've gotten emails from both moms and other photographers. I love it that moms just want to see the photos to remind them of their time breast feeding or to just see a beautiful moment captured. I can imagine that in a few years I would love to see images like those and remember my own time nursing. And I also love that other photographers want to see what I did (which is nothing spectacular, let me tell you!) so that they might encourage their clients to allow them to capture these moments as well.

I've been so inspired all day by the stories and photos that people have shared with me I've already asked someone to allow me to come photograph them breast feeding their baby (and I might be looking for a few more models for this so drop me a line if you'd be interested in letting me photograph you nursing!!!). I'm not sure what I will do with all of these images, but I've got some ideas cooking so we'll see.

I just hate that there are still people out there that think it is gross or weird or not normal. But to be absolutely honest with you, I used to feel that way years ago too. I always told myself I would never breast feed my babies b/c it was disgusting to think about a baby sucking on me. Oh my goodness how WRONG I was. If I could join La Leche and help every new mom find the joy in nursing I would! Maybe in my next life. Truly, I have enjoyed this aspect of mothering more than I ever could have imagined!


This little blog is about to hit 100,000 visits this week… anyone have a good idea for a giveaway?

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