vellum, breasts and thanks.

I'm so excited to show you these photos for two big reasons.


First, how cute is this front door?

Ok no, that's not my first reason, I just love those topiaries!

The first reason is b/c I love supporting WOMEN-run businesses. It is my true passion right behind being a mom and a photographer and a designer and a few other things. I really do try to support women owned and run businesses as much as I can b/c I'm in the trenches with them. I KNOW how hard it is. And I support that.

And this front door and all of these photos are from a store owned and run by a group of amazing women; Vellum.


It's located in my home town of Kirkwood Missouri but they do sell items online also: HERE.


I love shops in old homes. Kirkwood rocks.

Anyway, the OTHER reason I am excited to share these is because I now have a few prints hanging here!


It is my very first attempt at advertising!


The funniest part is that my mistakes seem to be running rampant lately as I meant to order two canvas wraps to hang here and instead accidentally ordered canvas prints. Which meant I had to pay almost double and have them framed as well. Lesson learned I guess!

And to treat you to some more Vellum goodness…


How cute is the way they display their birth announcements? Love it!


And I LOVE that they keep their big ordering books in an old crib! I love creative ideas like this!



How cute would these cups be at your child's birthday party? I love them!


Really, they have so much cute stuff! I'm so excited to be able to hang some prints there! Check them out!


My new favorite photo…


Even though my smile is frightening (seriously, why can't I just look CUTE in self-portraits?), it's one of the ONLY photos of Grayson and I!

Actually, this is from yesterday when I took photos of him nursing. Oh yes I did.

In the last two days I have gotten lots of emails asking questions about my blog and one I've gotten quite a bit is about how I keep it real and stay professional. The honest answer is that keeping it real is way more important to me than attempting to be professional, b/c I'm really not. Professional that is. I try, but yeah.

Keeping it real and showing photos of me breast feeding… there is a line people! HOWEVER. I think the shots (taken in a dim room with a shaking hand trying to hold a heavy camera while keeping a squirmy baby latched) are beautiful and I am totally willing to share. Mainly b/c I encourage ALL nursing mommas to let me photograph them during those intimate moments. These days are so brief. And the moments so beautiful.

SO! If you want to see a few photos of a nursing baby from the momma's perspective, shoot me an email and I will send you a password to the gallery on my website. I'm going to monitor this b/c you do see it ALL in one photo and I want to stop creeps from viewing too much you know?

But if you are a mom or a photographer I would love to share these. They are NOT technically good and there aren't many (and you will know me INTIMATELY afterwards!), but it is something I think every woman should do with their baby… even with a point and shoot… and I am willing to put myself out there to demonstrate how beautiful they can be!


And because it is almost midnight and this week has been sleepless, I want to end by saying HI to the 1800 people that came here today! Holy cow!

And thanks to all of you that have commented or emailed congratulating me about the FreshBlog award! Really, I don't know how the Oscar award winners do it! (haha!) I'm excited and embarrassed and humbled and so many other things right now. Grateful is at the top of that long list though. So thank you. Again and again!

I can't wait to get to know so many of you better!

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