casting call.



Yep. That's right.

When you are SICK in bed all day the mind is on over-drive. Or at least mine is. But really, my brain is working and thinking about this little business of mine 24-7 so maybe it just seems like over-drive b/c I'm just laying here.


Made a few changes and updates to the website while dying in bed this morning. Check it out HERE!


I've never done this before, but I am in NEED of a CRAZY FUN family for a few session ideas I have cooking. You need to be up for anything and available to shoot on weekday afternoons around 4pm.


- Send me an email with a photo of your family attached (if you are a past client no worries, I know what you look like!) to jodifiedATgmailDOTcom.

- You need at least one child.

- You need to be available to shoot on weekday afternoons (session will last 1-3 hours)

- Location TBD by ME

- Clothing choices to be guided by ME

COST… $200


- FULL session on disk in low-res files (4×6 and smaller)
- 11×14 mounted print
- option to purchase regular prints at 25% off!
- a BIG surprise I will tell you about if you are chosen!!! SO COOL!

(I will be choosing based on a first come first served basis IF I think your family fits what I'm looking for!)

EMAIL ME ASAP if you are interested!!!

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