kick ass.


This is my new necklace. After I got it Bailey asked me, "you wear dis ALL DA TIME?"

Yes kid. I do. All da time.


Because this is what the card said that it came on…

"Wear your necklace as you gear up for this new adventure. Believe in your strength, your smarts, and your ability to kick some ass out there!"

The best part is that I hate my neck. I have moles (yuck right?) and freckles and wrinkles and fat rolls. Randomly, it is the part of my body I hate the most. Weird since my stomach is nothing to look at either and lets not get started about my behind. But I do hate it. It is thick and manly looking to me. When I look in mirrors I never look at it. I feel it makes me look fatter than I already am. It is sort of an obsession I guess.


Now that I have my KICK ASS necklace on ALL DA TIME I don't mind my neck so much. It is a reminder that I AM on a new adventure. That I have strength and smarts and the ability to kick some ass as a photographer with a husband that is gone more than he's here and three VERY young kids. When I look at my neck now I don't feel depressed, I feel empowered. I stand a little taller and raise my head a little higher.

Doesn't everyone need a tiny little cowboy boot around their neck?

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