Upcoming Session Dates: sidebar

If you have not read this blog all weekend MAN do you have a lot to catch up on! HA!

My amazing parents took the girls tonight since I am still on deaths door with this darn virus. Then my MIL is taking them to a children's museum in the morning and I have a sitter coming for Grayson so I can either stay in bed if still sick OR clean+laundry if I'm well.

I don't need to work much since I've had my laptop in my lap all weekend. HOWEVER, I am STILL catching up on emails! Don't give up on me!

Just wanted to pop on and mention that my upcoming session dates (minis and travel) are on the sidebar to your right! Email me if you'd like more info on any of them or to book a session with me! Minis, Kansas City, Columbia and Florida dates are there!

AND I made a few changes to the CASTING CALL post below, so please reread that!

Over and OUT!

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