don’t mind me.

Nope. Just ignore me. I'm just the mom that changes her kid's diaper out in the open right on her lap. Poop and all.


And distracts him with an assortment of snacks so he doesn't wiggle away.


So if you see me at the park or the pool or Target, don't be surprised to find me like this b/c I will do just about anything to keep my kids off of those disgusting changing tables in public restrooms!

And, I mean, what's a little tiny penis out in the open between friends?




My parents, sister, BIL and niece were all with us at The Missouri Botanical Garden over the weekend but I love this photo b/c this is how I look out there on my own, which I am during the week a lot. I'll take Gray in the stroller with a GIANT bag of snacks and clothes and wipes and diapers and extra underwear and whatever else I think will avert disaster. Thanks Mom for snapping this!


And just to show you one of the CUTE photos we got this day…


My sister, Abbie, will kill me b/c here are my THREE children smiling and her ONE child is not. But I have to tell you, I swear I snapped like 25 photos while they all stood there and the other adults jumped around trying to get smiles and not in one single photo is my niece, Samantha, smiling! Sorry Ab! I tried!

I love it though b/c to date it is by far the best photo of all four grandkids!

And I have lots more photos to share from last weekend but clients are first when it comes to editing. 


TODAY: Oh let's see. This morning I had a great meeting with a client and a good phone call with another, the kids were at my mom's for a few hours so I could accomplish those two things kid-free. Then we had lunch and while they napped I worked and in an hour a babysitter is coming over so C and I can go meet some friends for dinner and a movie! OMG I am so excited! Especially b/c last night Chris and I went to dinner just the two of us. If you follow me on Twitter you read that he called me yesterday and ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE. swoon. So we went and had a great dinner and talked and talked and talked. Now that soccer is over we can finally reconnect and it was amazing. So what a treat to do it again tonight!

This weekend I have two fun sessions and lots of catching up to do! Jaime I swear I will post your sneak peek asap!

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's post… I PROMISE to answer each and every question this weekend… so look for lots of posts Sat and Sun!

Happy Friday! Get out there and enjoy it!

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