I am fired up today.

Man. It has been a day. A day and a half and really it's only been half a day.

Still with me?

And because I am fired up from my crazy half day I am going to tend to some business.  

First, I am adding a new set of links on my sidebar today for ST. LOUIS PHOTOGRAPHERS. I have some listed in my "Photography" links but I want to pull them out for a special reason.  

You might have stumbled onto this blog or been directed by one of my clients who wanted to show you how cute their kids were from a recent session and although it's maybe intrigued you to think about hiring someone to take photos of your own family, you REALLY HATE MY PHOTOGRAPHY. Which is FINE. Totally ok! Not everyone will like my work or my style or my blog or me. And that is A-OK. 

But there are a lot of other incredible photographers in St. Louis so I want to give you other options of people I either know and adore or know of and adore. That way you can find the best photographer for your family! Easy peasy. 

Second, ANONYMOUS from the comments in the last post brings up a good point. A GREAT point actually. Thank you Anonymous.  

When I end my posts with a short phrase and then GO, it is NOT an original idea. I started reading Kal Barteski's blog a few years ago and loved that she sent out this VIBE to her readers. I read her first thing in the morning and it always gave me a swift kick in the pants to get my day MOVING. I still read her in the morning and I am still inspired to work a little harder and faster each day to live life to it's fullest. I have her linked on my sidebar b/c I support her work and WANT you to all read her too. I think she's awesome.  

I have posted her artwork before and told you to go check her out. I have emailed with her before and comment on her blog when I can. SHE HAS COMMENTED HERE BEFORE. So she's read my blog. At least once. And she hasn't thrown a gasket that I end a lot of my posts the same way she does. 

What I want to say though, is that I am not doing that to copy her. And although I don't think she owns the word GO, it isn't right to be exactly the same as someone else. THAT BEING SAID, not everyone that reads this blog reads her blog and if I can send out even a TINY bit of the awesome vibe she sends out then I want to do that for those that read MY blog. And it's not in a fake way, I really do work very hard, incredibly hard in fact, to get the most out of each day God has given me. And I think Kal would be on board for spreading the message to LIVE LIFE and enjoy it. 

Which now brings up another issue, if we're going to get into the issue of COPYING. I have always loved the phrase, ENJOY IT. I write it on a lot of things and THINK about it constantly while I am changing the millionth poopy diaper or all three of my kids are having breakdowns at the same time. I tell myself when i am about to rip my hair out that I had better SLOW DOWN and ENJOY IT b/c someday I am actually going to miss this part of life.  

So when I found Elise Blaha a few years ago I immediately fell in love with her b/c her whole being is wrapped up in the words ENJOY IT. So if you read her blog you might think I am copying from her too. And although I love her, I'm not. It's like saying that because she has ENJOY IT on her blog and in a lot of her artwork no one else in the world can say it. It would mean that because I love non-posed images I am directly stealing ideas from Tara Whitney. And man alive would Carrie Sandoval be rich if she had a penny for every time someone hung a baby from a tree branch.  

If you are an artist, you are GOING TO BE COPIED in some way. And frankly, I think it's inspiring. When I get emails from photographers just starting out and they ask me questions about WHATEVER, I always feel humbled and flattered and answer them to the absolute best of my ability.  Because in the end WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF SOMEONE IS COPYING YOU? Didn't you attend kindergarten?

I will never forget when a little girl in 2nd grade copied the ghost I made for the classroom Halloween decorations. I came home that day crying and my mom said I should be FLATTERED b/c it meant that she loved my work enough to put aside her own ideas and use mine. Good lesson mom.  


Good to get all of that off my chest.

And I actually had cute photos of the kids to post today! I guess they will wait until tomorrow.  

And until then… GO! HA! 

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