i am home alone.

And working feverishly while they ALL are away!

Chris is at school working, obviously, with less than two weeks left before our summer can begin… I can not wait for summer to start! With him home so much I will finally be able to have day light hours of work time and not stay up so late, we'll spend countless hours at the pool and the park and the Garden and in our own back yard. Soccer season takes a toll on our marriage as we just never see each other and I can't wait to have time to reconnect. 

Parker and Grayson are at my mom's house today, thanks mom! My sister and her family pulled out of the driveway and with no grandkid break in sight we showed up! Good thing my mom loves my kids b/c I know she has to be tired! 

Bailey is having the most exciting morning of her little life… she's at her first official playdate! A little girl from her preschool class invited her over to play and it's the first time I've left her at a home I don't know with a family I've barely met. But the mom was sweet and had as many toys strewn about her house as I do so I'm sure Bails felt right at home!  

And I am working FAST AND FURIOUS while I have a quiet house. Catching up from all the family time this weekend and preparing for my INSANE June. A June that is complete with two out of town weddings, one catalog shoot, a little man's first birthday, Chris gone for a weekend, the first time to leave ALL THREE KIDS and 13 family sessions! HOLY HELL it's going to be busy! But so so great. 

I have LOADS to blog. The answers to your questions and the WINNER to announce, tons of family photos and lots of sneak peeks to share. But not today. Today I am working and the blog has to wait a minute. Although not completely b/c I do have a fun session to share with you and even better that I'm sharing it on Tracy's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Tracy! I hope you and Brad enjoy your photos! 

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20090524_0130b 20090524_0146b  20090524_0167b


Tracy had to talk Brad into this session as he is NOT a big fan of being on that side of the camera. So instead of doing a full session we did a MINI session. Which I don't advertise often, but I am always willing to do a mini session if that's all you think your spouse or kids can handle. Email me for details if you're interested!

ALSO… JUNE IS FULL. Man is it full. Not much else I can squeeze in there. But I have slots open in July and August. October is booking up so please think ahead for Christmas this year! And one more thing… I'm not offering design work right now. Just no time. If you are interested in invitations or other print items email me and I can give you suggestions of other companies and designers. 

And I'm out. More sessions to work on, a few albums to design, I'm creating a NEW logo for myself or maybe hiring someone to do it for me, I'm talking to someone about working as my assistant and my TODO list is now on page three. THREE. 3 pages of things TO DO and GET DONE and FINISH and CROSS OFF THE LIST.  

SO off I go! To WORK! Enjoy your day! GO! 

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