just a quick post about the Grayman.

Grayson turns one on June 12th. That is RIGHT around the corner and so I need to write a minute about him NOW before I forget all of his fun details. So this is more for me than for you I guess. Which means it won't hurt my feelings if you head on down your Google Reader and skip this!


In the last month or so he has popped out 8 teeth.  EIGHT! Not all are in all the way, but all have broken the surface making him a bit happier. A BIT.

The best part of his new teeth are NOT the fact that he can induce searing pain when he's overly tired and accidently CHOMPS down on ME while nursing. Not fun. No, the best part is that his front two teeth are like, I don't know, 5 inches apart! HA! We could park a car in the space between those two teeth and this is the first photo I've grabbed of him that show the gap! Love it! 

In the last month he has also FINALLY figured out how to drink from a sippy cup! YAHOO! And even though he's almost one we still tried to introduce the bottle so that it would be an easier ween from me, and he's doing it pretty well! I'm NOT done nursing and will go for as long as he wants but I do have a few out of town WITHOUT children trips in June so we need him to be able to drink milk without me around. And he's doing great! 

The BIGGEST news of THIS WEEK is the fact that he finally started crawling! Our little lump is ON THE MOVE! 

20090521_0476b  He looks unsure here, but trust me, he's getting better by the day!

And even though he CAN crawl now he still will scoot most of the time on his bottom. Not in any kind of direction, and he mostly just turns in circles, but somehow while sitting up he will move across the room without you really noticing. It's the funniest thing.  

And last but not least, he is TALKING!  

Ok, no. No he's not. But he IS finally babbling consonnents! DADADADADA is his favorite. He's been a pretty quiet kid besides his little lion roars and pig grunts so this new DADADA is pretty stinkin cute.  

He's pretty stinkin cute all around! 

In about two weeks I will have a ONE, TWO and THREE year old! Where has the time gone??? 

Thanks for indulging me! I just don't want to forget how important this month has been in his little life! 

TODAY:  It's Bailey's last day of school so we snapped a photo on the porch (like the FIRST day of school), took the teacher's their gifts and I said goodbye to her for the last time there. Her and Parker are most likely going to the preschool that is IN C's high school next year so she won't be going back. Parker and Gray are at my mom's and I'm home WORKING. I am drowning in work and today is my day to try to reach the surface. I've had 7 hours of sleep the last 2 nights, total for two nights i mean, and I am tired. So I'm moving slow. But slow and steady wins the race so we'll see. Just had to share an email I got from my mom just now talking about Grayson… 

no nap, another poop, perfectly solid. but while changing him on my bed
i reached for diaper and wipes and in that split second he jumped off
the bed, He is ok, scared me as much as him. I am out of practice!


HA! So funny to include that in his special post today! 

It's basically the weekend, my SISTER and her fam get in town late tonight, we're UNPLUGGING on Memorial Day and it's going to be AWESOME. I hope you enjoy your day!  

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