today will be a good day.

Yesterday sucked. And I don't know why I love this phrase so much, b/c it is downright disgusting, but it describes my day perfectly when I say it sucked BIG FAT HAIRY BALLS. It really did or I wouldn't have made you choke on your cheerios.


Except that even on the most craptastic (since I feel the need to share where I find great words, my good friend FERN used craptastic first I think!) days God sends me so many good moments it is hard to look back and only focus on the BAD. So yesterday the good did NOT out weigh the BAD, but it did break it up enough that I can't completely hate the day! 

First, I had help and that is always a PLUS. Our sweet friend Kelsey was here in the morning to babysit for me and then came back in the afternoon.  We paid her of course, but just having a sitter for the day is amazing.

Second, a blog reader, Amy RIley, surprised me by BRINGING ME A MOUNTAIN DEW! She emailed me a while back saying she just wished she could help me by bringing over a soda one day (it must have been after a super depressing WOE IS ME post) and rather then politely decline I said something like, "sure! we've never met but here's my address and feel free to come by any day or every day!" And she did! And on a bad day to boot! It made me smile and literally came about 5 minutes after posting yesterday so it was good timing. THANK YOU AMY! I loved chatting with you! That just made my day so so so much better! AND it gave me a much needed energy boost! 

I am surrounded by the most amazing blog readers and clients and friends and family a girl could ever wish for! 

Of course there were other little moments like Grayson FINALLY babbling consonants by saying DADADA! The first ever babble! AND I got it on video! And then there was when Bailey told me I was pretty and she loved me best or when Parker sang me a song about being her best friend. I mean really. You don't get better than all of that. 

And the comments and emails and tweets I got helped a TON. Because that comment made me feel pretty crappy. And most of me just wanted to shout at that person, "I AM A PERSON! BE NICE!" but instead I sort of freaked out here and vented. And you all made me feel SO much better! Thanks! 

And now for a few photos b/c this IS a photo blog right? 

Sunday morning when I was skipping my session with the Joy's. NOT ON PURPOSE but when my brain had a massive FART and I screwed up we decided to drive and location scout for the catalog shoot. We headed out to Lake St. Louis and had a fun morning on the beach! 

20090517_0007b 20090517_0008b  20090517_0017b



Even though I won't process the catalog photos like this I was just digging the tints on these. Which is funny b/c the sky was a brilliant blue and I was loving it too. But for some reason this spoke to me more.



BIG NEWS! Please head over to Davina Fear's blog today because I am FEATURED! Oh man I can't even tell you how honored I feel to have been nominated and then asked to be on her Women in Business feature! Davina is an incredible photographer and I'm totally one of her many many blog followers. And the women who have been past features… let's just say I don't feel worthy to be among them. Go HERE to read my feature and then please leave her a comment! Or leave me one and let me know what you think! And CLIENTS… some of your photos have been posted over there! So check it out!

I think a second post later today is called for b/c I am dying to show you some 11 month photos of Gray! Nothing special except that he might be the cutest little man ever! And in no way am I biased! 

But before that I will change the laundry and make the bed and clean up the kitchen. Then I will throw some clothes on and we're going to head out to the Botanical Gardens this morning. It's going to be a beautiful day and I want to let the girls run around and enjoy it! Then I have a MOUNTAIN of work to do during naps and a NILMDTS meeting tonight. Good friends and good food and a good cause… can't get better than that! 

Now get out there! RUN, SKIP and PLAY! And enjoy your day! 

If I can't say GO anymore I am going to give you a RHYME to send you on your way! Each day! Hip hip HOORAY!  


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