unexpected days.

I put so much pressure on myself to blog.

To post every day. To get sneak peeks up the first or second day for clients. To get family photos up asap for, um, my family. To be interesting or encouraging or real. To do what I said I would do like ANSWER QUESTIONS or compete a contest or whatever.

But then days become busy and life takes over and I get too tired to write complete sentences at night so I go to bed and tweet that I will blog tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and I get a NILMDTS call at 6:30am that is 45 minutes away. And I have another session in the afternoon 45 minutes away. And I know that blogging will again, be hard to do.

SO whatever. We all have unexpected days right? And the blog will wait!

Schmitt family… I swear your sneak peek is ready I just need to POST it! Haddock family, yours too!

I HAVE the answers to all of your questions, again, just need to POST them!

But today has taken over and I will get to it. I will get to it. I swear!

In the meantime, here is my latest and most favoritest photo of Bailey ever!


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