i love simplicity.

The best part of my job is capturing the tiny pieces that make up someone's life. The details no one else might catch. The fleeting moments and quick glances and seemingly insignificant gestures.

I love the simplicity of life. The living of life. Real life. Because real life isn't posed or staged or coerced. It just IS.

Which is why, I think, at the end of the day, I would rather follow a family around just shooting their life any day over working in a studio. If I had to make a choice that is.

And tonight I did just that. I met up with a sweet family in downtown Kirkwood and we just walked around. They played in a garden, explored a front porch, crossed a bridge, played on a playground, ate ice cream and saw a firetruck. It was a simple session. Very little "sit here and look at me" type of shots and lots of them just BEING together. It was awesome. And hot. MAN is it hot out there right now!

Kelly, Grant and Carly… thanks for tonight. Thanks for reminding me about what I love. For letting me follow you around just clicking. For trusting me that we would get good shots even without ever saying "say cheese!" I hope you like this TINY sneak peek!






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