kansas city. three.

Got home a little while ago from our road trip to KC. We had a blast. Met up with old friends. Great friends. C got to see the Cards beat the Royals. I had three awesome sessions (two were canceled last minute). We got to SLEEP IN a bit. 8am is an awesome time to wake up. We got lost a million times. We laughed. A lot. We missed the kids. A little. We're already planning our next adventure!

Today before we left we headed over to hang with little Harper and her family. Old friends of ours from college. Dustin and Chris are fraternity brothers and I met his wife Kristin a few years ago when I was pregnant with Parker and she was pregnant with Beckett, born two months apart. We were the only people not drinking at another friend's wedding and hit it off immediately! It was SO great to see them again, hang out with our other friends, the Esterly's (C's good friend Tony who's Bailey's Godfather and his wife Lauren we who adore), and catch up! Someday MAYBE I will blog some of the old stories that get told EVERY SINGLE TIME we're all together! But maybe not. As C's mom reads this blog and I'm not sure she's ready to hear them! HA!

Anyway, it was a great great weekend! Thanks to everyone we got meet or shoot or hang out with! And thanks to everyone back home that kept our kids busy while we were away! This was a MUCH needed trip!!!

Here is Harper's sneak peek!



I love this quote that was in their dining room!


Could you just die over those lips?


How beautiful is Kristin?



Thanks you guys! I can't wait to show you the rest of your photos!

Tomorrow. Chris has soccer camp all week so me and the kids are going to spend some quality time together cooling off at the pool in the morning. Yep. Me and all three at the pool by ourselves. I pray I can handle it! I have gobs of work to tackle during their naps and a client meeting tomorrow night. I have plans to rearrange the house, AGAIN, because I just can't seem to perfect my house organization skills. But Chris tells me this week is too busy to create such a big project so I'm in the planning stages I guess! Anyone like to rearrange furniture? HA!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend!


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