laura+dane married.

The sweet sweet couple gracing my banner right now were married yesterday WAY out in the Missouri countryside at a beautiful location and even though it was hotter than hades I had an amazing time capturing their wedding day for them!

Thank you Laura, Dane and all of your family and friends for making me feel so welcome!

I will fill you in on more details later… for now the sneak peek before my eyes close for good tonight!


Oh tilt-shift… how I love thee.




This old motel was awesome!



I love this shot of Laura's mom and dad. And this next one of Dane's…


So cute!


Ahhh tilt-shift. Seriously.


Oh man. I might just really be loving the whole WEDDING part of my job lately!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

ps… I really hope all the blog lurkers i met yesterday comment tonight! HA!

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