oh yes. it is time for a catch up post.


Is June really almost over? This summer is flying by!

And I'm finding that during my shoot-a-million-times-a-month seasons my blog is filled with my clients and not so filled with ME. Or US.

And in the end, or the BEGINNING, this blog was about US. Our family. So that someday, years down the road, I would have something to look back on and remember how in the hell I survived three kids under three, or two under two, or three in diapers, or living on NO sleep.

So here we go. Catching up. Feel free to just wait until tomorrow when I have more PHOTOS to post and not so many words!


I just ate left over mac n' cheese with an entire can of corn dumped into it and microwaved b/c I felt like at least corn was a bit healthy. If I'm not eating CRAP like that we are ordering pizza. Only b/c I have never been this busy in my ENTIRE life.

Because what I haven't told you is that…. I AM STARTING A NEW COMPANY!

Oh yes. A new photography company. The LAUNCH is July 1st but there will be hints maybe along the way!


Grayson turned one and rather than deciding to walk or give up nursing or TALK, he has decided to throw FULL BLOWN TEMPER TANTRUMS.

Holy hell.

Today, for instance, I went out on the back porch to hang up wet suits with him on my hip and when he realized we were indeed going back inside without his getting a chance to swing (his baby swing is on the porch) he FREAKED OUT. He threw his body back and starting screaming and kicking and crying and swinging his arms and WOAH KID I just set him on the ground not sure what had just possessed my sweet boy. He sat on the floor kicking and crying until Parker finally came over and started being silly to make him laugh.

Which he did.

It was like a switch.

BABY FROM HELL one second and HAPPY baby the next.

And all I could think was, "you little shit."

If this keeps up we will have gone straight from Parker's terrible two's to Grayson's terrible ONE'S without missing a beat. Awesome.


Grayson COULD walk I think if he wanted to. He can stand on his own without holding onto anything. He can stand UP with the aid of anything but the second you try to get him to take a step he looks at you like you are an idiot and sits down.

Consequently he is becoming a super fast crawler and CLIMBER as he demonstrated today when we were in the art room (I need to take photos of our converted dining room b/c it's starting to look awesome) making necklaces and he crawled away. Less than 5 minutes later I went to find him and he was UPSTAIRS. OMG. We have by far some of the steepest stairs you have ever seen (my friend Angie can attest to this as she HEARD Bailey fall down them last year and the sound still haunts her!) so I totally freaked out when I saw him up there. Time for new gates I guess!


Bailey turns FOUR on July 8th and I have yet to plan a party. Which is bad b/c this is her big year for a friend party and I have no ideas. Anyone have any good and EASY ideas? She'll invite just a few friends and we'll have it here but MAN I am at a loss of what to do. And invites need to go out yesterday. Ugh.

The sad part is that I LOVE throwing parties. When I have time to plan them.

Ideas gratefully welcome!


I know I have yet to answer all of your awesome questions or even pick a winner from that post… I'll get there! I have them all saved and will do it asap. Which means next Christmas.

BUT. I am going to start answering fairly simple questions I get in the comments section actually IN the comments. So if you ask me a question via the comments, check back and I will hopefully have answered it!


The girls have hit awesome ages and are playing SO great together! They rarely argue and never FIGHT which amazes me b/c my sister and I fought like cats and dogs when we were little, even this little according to my mom. I love watching and listening to them love each other and truly enjoy being together!


Thinking about pursuing wedding photography a bit more and loved this post about choosing your photographer. HERE.

I liked it b/c of how she started her post. As much as I'd like to sell myself to EVERYONE, I'm not made to work with everyone. And what I'm realizing more and more is that I don't want to work for just anyone, even though that helps pay the bills, I really want to work for people that GET ME. People that really love my work and my style and hire ME to capture their wedding or their family, not just a random photographer.

Looking back over my sessions in just the last 6 months, I can tell the sessions that I let a little of myself GO to do what my client wanted… and I'm just not as proud of my work. I'm starting to think of myself as more of an artist and less of a workhorse I guess.

Not sure what this means, except I am working on new ways to help make my sessions fit me AND my client better so that neither of us lose out on anything! Exciting things coming soon to new and future clients!


Having Chris home this summer has been so amazing. He and I are getting along and having the best time, he's getting SO much quality time with the kids while I work and we're getting lots of fun family time in too. So far this has been our best summer yet!


I'm not freaking out yet, but I found out today that my external hard drive from 07-08 died. I need to take it in somewhere to see if they can get my files off of it. LUCKILY, all of our family photos are on both that old hard drive and also my newer 09 drive… but all client files from before Jan 09 are gone. Some are backed up on disks but honestly I have been SO bad about burning disks that I know I don't have all of them. The reason is that I used to always include a disk with my sessions so I felt like they were responsible and I didn't need a disk, but UGH now I am kicking myself. And praying someone smarter than me can figure this thing out!


Lots of random family photos I need to post and my mind is racing so there are a million and one more random things I could post right now but work is waiting and this is already one of the longest posts on earth I think!

OH… really fast… is this whole Jon and Kate thing effecting anyone else? I can't stop thinking about it!

OK, I swear that's it!

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