play date.

This morning we had a play date with this little girl…


Who is the BIG sister to this little girl…


And who is the LITTLE sister to this big girl…

20090624_0008 8x10b

Who is playing TOOTIE in the Muny's production of Meet Me In St. Louis this summer!

How cool is that?

If you are not from around here… the Muny is awesome and HUGE here in the STL. Check them out HERE.

So today was Elizabeth's first rehearsal, a big moment to a little actor, and while dad was taking her there and while big brother was at camp and while little sister was, oh, I don't know, enjoying day FOUR of life we thought Katherine would have fun playing with my girls!

They had a blast, although I think Bailey actually hit her, or hit the bike she was riding, or SOMETHING very unlike Bailey, which really surprised me b/c Bailey is usually so GO WITH THE FLOW and easy peasy.  But B apologized and K seemed to accept it and life moved on. Oh to be 3.

So after Katherine went back home and my kids were in bed, I started this huge project randomly and rearranged our living room and dining room art room. A BIG project that I completed in less than 3 hours. GO ME! I'll have to take photos tomorrow b/c it looks awesome if I do say so myself! Little shelves at kid height full of fun things to create with, a writing center complete with pads of paper, loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils and stickers, a paint cabinet, a bean plant, a chalkboard hung at tiny people height, etc. It makes me want to color a rainbow with crayons or something!

Now C has all the kids at Sams while I'm finishing up the cleaning and in 3 hours 30+ people will invade our house for pizza. We're hosting C's soccer team for dinner before they leave for Iowa in the morning. Oh yes, he's leaving me for three days while he's at a tournament and YES I have two sessions and one wedding!

I WILL SURVIVE is just playing in my head right now! HA!

Enjoy your weekend!


***Just had to share this image of Elizabeth watching over Maggie from yesterday when I ran over for a minute to take her head shots for The Muny… so sweet!***


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