BIG news coming tomorrow. I'm SO excited to finally announce my new endeavor!

In the meantime here are some random summer shots from around here…and I hate to admit that I really haven't taken many of my own kids b/c I've been so busy shooting clients…but I hope to change that in July!


Playing in the yard.


Parker hasn't changed since Christmas!


Modeling their 4th of July shirts made by the awesome Allison! (NO she is STILL not online so I can't link her!)



Such a funny face… but every time I manage to SEE her two different colored eyes it just floors me.


Since the Rodeo self-destructed we're down to my old car… can you believe we can SQUEEZE three kids on that seat? Anyone have any car shopping secrets? We are total IDIOTS when it comes to things like buying a car/mini van!


I love capturing the girls in outfits they've picked out themselves!



Just those crazy faces and awesome eyes again!


Yesterday at Daddy Day Care… I got home from a sweet newborn session to find Chris alone here with our kids, our best friend's kids and two neighbor kids! SEVEN TOTAL! 20090629_0252b Apparently he called my friend Angie and said, "I'm setting up the slip n' slide if you want to drop off the girls and go run errands or something…" HA! Angie didn't blink before running the girls over here! It was incredible! I mean, I would take anyone's kids if they needed me to, but I'm not sure I would willingly add more kids to the mix just for fun! He was amazing and the kids had a blast though!



This little man. He had his 12 month doctor visit yesterday and had FOUR shots and one finger prick for lead testing! I brought the girls along to give C a break and to help distract Grayson… during his shots they stood in front of him singing at the top of their lungs to drown out his cries… it was SO cute!

His stats, for the Grandma's… 23lbs,  60% in weight and 97% in height!

He also took ONE unassisted step this morning! Just one but that's a big deal in his little life! Way to go buddy!

TODAY: Chris has ALL THREE KIDS at the grocery store and although I feel kind of bad working here at home while I know he's in a tiny bit of hell right now, I did it so many times this year I couldn't help but let out a small evil laugh as they all walked out the door! HA! Today is the one day this week i don't have a session so I am working ALL DAY LONG until my Bible study tonight. It will be nice to catch up a little. A LITTLE. And check back here tomorrow for the BIG reveal! SO excited!

Have a great one!

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