another word about blogs.

If I ever hold a workshop for other photographers it might be to teach them how to grow their blogs.

Not that I'm planning on holding a workshop, ever, or that I even really know anything about growing a blog. Ok, so obviously that idea is stupid. Except that for some reason my blog keeps growing and through my blog I have "met" some of the most amazing people out there. And I want everyone to have the network of support that I have b/c it is awesome. I mean, aside from one MEAN commenter, my days are full of fun and supportive emails. Which makes even a crappy day so much better! Who wouldn't want that right?

I guess I'm just really passionate about blogging. For a ton of reasons, that I won't go into here RIGHT NOW in case I do ever decide to hold that workshop. Or just b/c it's getting late and I'm being LAZY.

Anyway, one such INCREDIBLE person I've met in blogland is Jamie. I honestly can't remember if I found her via Janel's blog or if she found ME via Janel but I'm pretty sure Janel was the link! Am I right Jamie?

ANYWAY. Jamie and her house full of boys is a couple of hours east of St. Louis over in Illinois and although they were ready and willing to travel here to ME I thought a mini road trip adventure sounded like a lot more fun! So we met in the middle, kind of, in OKAWVILLE, IL.


Okawville. The W is silent if that helps. :)

So at the last minute Chris and I got a sitter so he could come with me and we drove over to Okawville together to scout locations for the session.

Can I just say that unless you want a LOT of photos in CORN there isn't a whole lot in Okawville? Not that I was surprised I guess!

So although Chris almost died of embarrassment I drove up to a farm house with a great red barn and asked the sweet elderly man living there if I could photograph a family in his yard. Let's just say that explaining what I meant took me a WHILE and even after I brought Jamie's family there and sat them by the barn and let the boys jump on this man's trampoline I'm still not sure he understood WHY I was there!

HA! I love adventures and meeting RANDOM people and having FUN with my clients and blog friends!


I'm not sure what she bribed her kids with but her three BOYS were SO good! They listened to me and did what I asked and were totally into getting their photos taken!


Letting them run around, jump on a trampoline and play mini golf might have helped my cause a bit… HA!





Not sure what it is about freckles but I could eat this kid alive he's so cute! And he's old enough that if he heard me say that I'm sure he would die of embarrassment! Maybe him and Chris could start a club!


So cute. Their anniversary is coming up and she wanted a cute photo of just the two of them… and even though they're not both looking at the camera, this was my favorite b/c they are totally laughing at their kids! Love that!


And then Jamie wanted a photo of US. First, she is only the second person to ask me to take a photo with them I think and it truly makes me happy that someone would WANT that! HOWEVER. No make-up. Lots of sweat (I actually apologized to her in that moment b/c I knew I probably smelled bad!). FRIZZY hair. Holy hell my hair was a ball of frizz! But, at the end of the day THAT IS ME. Nearly 100% of the time so whatever! And I LOVE that we're both laughing here! Totally going up in my office next to the painting she made for me!

Thanks Jamie+FAMILY! You guys were SO great and I was so happy to finally meet you! The rest of your photos are coming soon!

(Read Jamie's blog HERE!)

(Visit her ETSY shop HERE!)

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