my new blog.

I started my first Typepad blog when Parker (now 2.5) was 4 months old. I was sad and tired and fairly depressed I think. Bailey was still 4 months away from turning two so I had two babies home with me all the time. I had no time for scrapbooking or creating or crafting or decorating my home which is what kept me sane when Bailey was an infant. Basically, I had no outlet.

Until one night, at 3am I was feeding Parker (who was weeks old) and flipping through a craft book by Donna Downey and at the very back of the book I noticed the link to her blog. I’d heard of blogs before but had never visited one. I took my hungry baby, got out of bed and sat feeding her at the computer completely enthralled by Donna’s blog. For days I sat and read her blog from front to back. Then I noticed the links on her sidebar (all terms I didn’t know at the time!) and started clicking them. For months I read blogs in the middle of the night when Parker was fussing or eating or I just couldn’t sleep. I found some of the most creative people in the world, I found crafters and photographers and painters and most importantly I found moms. Moms who were as tired and as overwhelmed as I was.

One night I finally bit the bullet and started my own blog.

And the rest is history.

I’ve loved my Typepad blog. I’ve loved the relationships I’ve made, the work I’ve been able to grow, the intimate moments of my life I’ve put out there and the links I’ve shared. And as much as I really do love my Typepad blog, it’s time to move on.

I want a place that is a tad more professional. Somewhere that actually lets people know that I am a serious photographer. A blog that still allows me to share the dirty secrets of my life but that also shows my work bigger and better.

So welcome. To my new blog.

Things will be changing here and there as I have more time to work on it and refine it but for now it’s HERE and WORKING and a great place to welcome in my busy season!

Some price changes are listed, new galleries are up and FOR NOW the old website is down.

THIS IS A BLOGSITE. Which just makes the most sense for me since my BLOG is such an important part of my business! Website+Blog=Blogsite.

I hope you love it!

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